How To Make More Money with the Same Job

You have spent several years getting an education, getting certifications and for some, passing the board and acquiring licenses. For some of you, it might have taken a long time and a series of jobs before finding the right one. You invested that time to be able to find the work that will give you the best pay. You work to earn money. The money you earn makes you enjoy the fruits of your labor and live comfortably.

There are times when you feel that you deserve a higher salary. You are tempted to look for another job just to be able to get that pay increase. But getting another job may not really be the answer. Before updating your resume and setting up interviews, consider the following options that might help you get more money out of your present job.

  1. Assess your current position and check if there is a current and updated qualification requirement from the Human Resources Department of your company. See if this matches your current job description.
  2. Check industry pay standards to see if you are getting the current salary level for your position. Print out copies of these facts and figures.
  3. Talk to your boss and discuss the issue at hand. Tell him you are happy with the company and would like to stay in your job and discuss the possibilities of doing so. Tell him what your career goals are and where you want to be in the company and discuss the options to achieve that position. See if your goals are aligned with the direction the company is going. Discuss current industry pay levels and talk with your boss about the possibility of getting a raise. Learn what you need to do to achieve that.
  4. Be consistent in your job performance and volunteer for trainings and seminars that will add to your competency and job skills. Without boasting, let everyone know about your achievements. You are bound to be noticed soon and be a candidate for a raise.
  5. Another option that you can take is work to be promoted. In the same vein, deliver consistent and exemplary work. Increase your knowledge. Check out if there are special trainings that you need to acquire and maybe additional learning so you can qualify for a promotion. Discuss with boss about options to get that special training or required continuing education. Will the company shoulder the cost of the special training or continuing education as an investment in you? If that is the case you know for certain that the company values your contribution and is willing to help you achieve yours and the company’s goals.
  6. You may have some untapped skills that you do cannot apply to your position but can be a valuable contribution to another department. See if you will be paid extra to do that.
  7. Check the possibility of working overtime especially if there are backlogs in your department. Maybe you can be allowed to take home extra work that you can do at home and receive extra pay for it.
  8. Consult with the HR Department and see if there are vacant positions for lateral promotion or even a transfer in another department that will allow you to receive a higher pay. Be sure you understand what is involved in these transfers before you make a commitment. Even if you are not leaving the company, joining another department means that there would be new adjustments, new relationships to be formed, new people to work with and establishing new contacts. You will have to spend considerable time to learn the workings of the new department.

Be the best that you can be and be a consistent performer. Go beyond what is expected of you in your current position without going overboard. The higher ups are bound to notice your performance and reward you soon.


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