How To Make Your Day at Work Go Faster

No matter how much you like your work, there will always come a day when time seems to be dragging on. You notice yourself staring at the clock, which seems not to move at all. Although having a slow-moving day at work is normal, this might render you unproductive. So if you find yourself wanting the clock to run faster or you're just utterly bored at work, consider the following tips.

  1. Focus on the task at hand. Sometimes your worst enemy at work is your inability to concentrate, tempting you to slack off. When you feel like this, identify what keeps you from concentrating. Are you hungry? Are you excited about an evening date? Does a memo bother you? After finding out the culprit, try to settle it or your thoughts about it. In other words, if you feel hungry, go have a quick bite. If you incessantly think about an evening date, try to shift your attention. If you are worried about a memo, try to discuss it with your boss. Don’t just sit in your cubicle and be plagued by inattention.
  2. Go for a brief walk. Let’s face it, sometimes you really feel stressed out or feel like your energy has been sucked out. It’s normal. Your body might be calling for some timeout. So go, get up from your cubicle, and walk. Walk around your office, walk to the pantry, or walk outside your building. Make some friendly chats, stretch your legs, take some air, have something to eat. The thing is, you might be feeling uneasy and bored because you are spending over half of your day sitting and completing a task. Your body deserves a break, so give it that.
  3. Motivate yourself. There are times when you forget the reasons you work. And when you forget them, you feel less motivated. Therefore, when you get bored at work, remind yourself of your goals. Whether you want to establish a brighter future for your family or travel the world, your goals can pump up the energy in you.
  4. Read a book. Instead of watching the clock move, go and read a book. This will momentarily take your mind off the pressure of work or the stress of boredom. However, it is so easy to pass up work and spend the rest of the day reading. So read only during you lunch break or coffee break, or anytime you feel so bored. As soon as you feel intellectually motivated and physically energized, get immediately back to work.
  5. Plan your day. The best way to keep yourself from watching the clock is to plan your day ahead. This way, you can manage your time well and keep yourself busy. You naturally will feel bored when you don’t do anything, so always have something to do and concentrate to finish it excellently.

Your goal is to always try to be productive when at work. If you feel bored, make some effort to bring your joy and energy back, so you will be a useful and valuable member of your organization.


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