How To Market Yourself as a Private Tutor

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Marketing yourself is no different from marketing a business.  There are tried and true techniques that can be applied in any situation.  You can learn these marketing strategies by enrolling in some online marketing courses.

People everywhere are looking for ways to bring in a little extra income.  Especially with the demands of full-time work and family, it can be difficult to find time to make extra money.  That is why tutoring has become a popular choice for job-seekers.

The appeal to personal tutors is that there are flexible hours, decent pay and it can be done from the convenience of your own home.  While it may be an easy decision to home tutor, the difficult task is being able to market yourself as a private tutor.  And of course, you cannot forget to brush up on the subjects you will be tutoring, such as secondary English or history.

One of the best ways to market yourself as a private tutor is by contacting the local schools in your area.  Simply send a friendly email or place a phone call with the school secretary informing her of your interest to home tutor students.  Marketing yourself as a private tutor starts from the beginning, so be sure to be polite, professional and upbeat when talking with the school secretary.  Either the secretary will instruct you of what to do, or get you into contact with the right person.

Marketing yourself to schools puts you directly in contact with students.  Perhaps the school will allow you to post marketing tools with your contact info and what subjects you would like to tutor.  Or you may be teamed up with other parents looking to offer private tutoring.

Another great way to market yourself as a private tutor is to sign up for an online tutoring website.  Online tutoring sites allow you to be personal tutors, making your own schedules and setting your own prices.  The websites in turn help you market yourself as a confident and well-equipped tutor.  Some sites require a paid membership, while others do not.  Most, however, require that you take some basic testing in order to qualify as an online tutor.

One final way to market yourself as a home tutor is to print your own marketing tools and distribute them in the neighborhood.  You can post your marketing tools on neighborhood light poles, onto mailboxes (not in!), or simply go door-to-door.  For an added touch, choose to purchase business cards that have your contact information.  Come up with a catchy name or slogan for your private tutor business, and focus on bringing in people from the neighborhood who know and trust you. 

You can learn other great marketing strategies by taking online marketing courses.


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