How To Measure Success

Perhaps you have heard this line before: "Success is relative."

There are varied ways to interpret this saying based on more personal interpretations. People value success based on the standards that they have set. Personally, you want to be successful and why not? Achieving success is a success in itself.

So what ways can you ensure that you are on your way to success?

  • Plan well. Write down your end goal and be able to take the steps and accept the challenges that go with your goal.

  • Write down your objectives. Writing down your objectives will help you plan well. Breaking down what you need to do and how long this should take will be a big help along the way.

  • Have alternative plans in case something goes wrong. If in case the plans you have thought about and the goals you have set aren't in sight, it is better to have back-up plans.

  • Remember that well-laid plans can go wrong so don't be disheartened. You may have overlooked some details or something happened beyond your control, do not be discouraged. Instead, go back to that back-up plan you did before this happened.

  • If you work with a group, be sure that all your goals and objectives are in each other's expectations. Working together through cooperation and collaboration is a good way to be on the right track in achieving your goals and objectives.

Confident man smilingAfter having achieved the goals you have set, do you feel successful? Perhaps you want to measure your success, so what parameters would you use to do that?

How do you measure success?

  • Satisfaction. Are you satisfied? Are the people who worked with you feeling the same way? Do you feel you need to do better? Savor the moment before taking further steps that would make things even better.

  • Contentment. Are you contented with the results? Are you inspired to do better after this success you have achieved?

  • Happiness. Are you happy? Are the people who worked with you happy too? Happiness in achieving goals and objectives does not just happen momentarily. It is a long-term feeling.

  • Have you been rewarded accordingly? What kind of reward did you look forward to? What kind of reward did you get after achieving success? In terms of monetary rewards, does your monetary compensation equal the work you have done to achieve this level of success? Do satisfaction and contentment rate higher than the monetary equivalence? This is a personal preference and you decide the kind of reward that best suits your satisfaction, contentment and happiness.

Measuring success depends on your goals and objectives. Your terms of success may be different from the terms of how others see what success is all about. As long as you set your sights on your goals and objectives and are doing your best to achieve these without stepping on others' toes, sweet success is just around the corner for you.


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