How To Moonlight as a Male Escort

There is a great demand for male escorts. Women contract them for varied social reasons—parties, gatherings, and even as company in a quiet evening. Experts observe that if you are good in what you are doing, you could get repeat bookings from valuable clients. Indeed, being a male escort could be an incredible way to improve your income potential and beef up your social skills. Here are some of the sensible things you may need to know about moonlighting as a male escort:   

Think of a pseudonym. This doesn’t mean you should go for something catchy, just to get attention or to deceive you client. Using a pseudonym is a “convention”. You need to be careful about revealing your true identity to your clients. Why? You never who may be calling up to avail of your services. Remember, you are moonlighting. (Of course, it is a different thing if you desire to become a male escort on a full-time basis.)

Use a pre-paid cellular phone. Again, this has something to do with your identity. You don’t want to get tracked. Imagine what would happen if you have your boss setting up an appointment for a nice, romantic evening.

Establish your network. Finding clients on your own might be tedious. Connect to some organized male escorting services. They would definitely have a string of regular customers. You could find them on-line. They are also in the yellow pages. Once you get in touch with them, an interview may be required. Be prepared to show up. Like you, they may also be looking for a “perfect candidate”. Weigh your options and then work with a number who you could trust.

Remember, the customer is always right. Once you begin working as a male escort, you need to change your perspective. In male escorting, no customer is ever considered freaky. They are availing your services so better satisfy their needs.

Be in shape. Your customers want to show you around. So, they would be definitely disappointed to see a slob out of you. Be very attractive, physically. Meet, or exceed, their high expectations.

Dress the part. Invest on your wardrobe. You don’t want to be the subject of ridicule. Your clients expect tailored suits and designer shoes. However, sometimes, confidence completes and heightens your get up. Carry well what you are wearing.

Enhance your social skills. You are expected to provide a lively company. Perk up your dance skills. Learn to sing a few songs. Strive to become a better conversationalist. Read about things that you could use in keeping up small talks. Of course, don’t forget to know more about social etiquette.

Be discreet. Be cautious. Escorting is bound to take its toll on you. Long evenings, partying, even spirited conversations would eventually exhaust you. So, don’t over book. Manage your escorting hours. Never forget to accomplish you work assignments. They are your real work responsibilities.

Being a male escort promises good money. So, when you getting the cash, learn how to use it conservatively. Reward yourself, whenever it is necessary. Don’t splurge excessively. You don’t want people to begin talking about your “other job”. Putting your money in the bank is not a bad idea at all.


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