How To Network at a Journalism Job Fair

Journalism job fairs are excellent opportunities for you to enhance your career through the people that you will be meeting. It’s okay to feel nervous because it’s so easy to get intimidated by all the people there. Here are some things you can do to network at a journalism job fair.

  1. Before the big day. Check and update all the documents and prepare samples of your work that you might need for the event, especially your resume and calling cards. If you were planning to apply for a specific job in the journalism fair you must prepare the items that would show your talents. If you are planning on a job at photography, you must prepare a portfolio of your work. If you are applying for a job as a writer, bring one or two samples of your work with you to the fair. If you are applying for a position as a reporter or a radio announcer, prepare demo tapes to show potential employers. Also prepare answers to questions that are usually asked and practice answering them.
  2. Dress for the occasion. Dress appropriately and dress to impress. People are affected by the way you look at this can determine how you will be seen and treated. Also, since journalism is a profession of aesthetics, you must also look the part. First impression counts and, in these kinds of events, it might be all it takes.
  3. Make a plan for yourself. Time is a very limited resource in these kinds of events. Try to get as much information about the event as you can such as the companies that will be joining. Make a plan that will help you manage your time and actions. Determine the companies that you want to work with and make plans to make sure that before the event is finished, you will have already approached them.
  4. Act appropriately at all times during the event. You never know who is watching you. Sometimes, employers or recruiters send out scouts into the crowd to observe the people in the event. If they see you acting inappropriately, you might lose a great opportunity at a job. If they observe you being exceptional at the event, there is a chance that you might get surprise offers from employers. Journalism is a job where public image must be upheld and employers know that. They will not hire someone that can be a liability to them.
  5. Mindset matters. It is necessary for journalists to have the right attitude and confidence. Since they are individuals that people turn to for knowledge and guidance, they should look credible. Employers know this, and will be a part of the criteria for hiring.
  6. Facing recruiters. Journalists often face other people and it is important that you know how to handle yourself if you want to get hired. After the interview you should ask if you can get their business cards and offer them your own.

The secret to getting a job is never giving up the search for it. Keep trying until you finally succeed. Also, do not stop learning about your craft and constantly aim to develop yourself. Give reasons for recruiters and employers to seriously consider you to be part of their company.


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