How To Not Leave a Bad Impression when Direct Selling

Direct selling can be a challenging and profitable opportunity to generate income in your own time. It allows you to bring the products directly to your buyer. Whether selling makeup, plastic kitchenware or skincare products, your goal with every presentation is to make the sale and get referrals. You will only do this if you convince your client not only with the product you are selling, but also impress them with yourself.

Take advantage of every sales opportunity. Don’t leave a client with a bad impression when direct selling. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Be professional. Be on time for appointments and presentation. Make sure you are groomed properly. Introduce yourself with a smile and a firm handshake. Be polite. If the presentation is at your home, make sure it is clean and the kids are out of the way so you can focus on your selling. Bring clean working samples of the product you are trying to sell. You want to achieve a relaxed and yet professional atmosphere for your clients. Your clients will buy from you because they like you and the product you are selling.
  2. Be prepared. Ready displays or samples you need before making your presentation. Make sure you have your spiel, your power point presentation or catalogue and any other sales materials you need. Review your product line and be ready to answer commonly asked questions. Most of all, make sure you have your goods, order slips, receipts, credit card forms or change you may need for any sales transactions.
  3. Be enthusiastic. When you make your presentation, your clients should get excited about what you are selling. That is up to you. It is your job to make the product come to life and highlight its selling points. Smile and make eye contact when speaking to your clients.
  4. Ask for the sale but don’t be pushy. After your demo and you’ve passed around your samples, be direct and ask for the sale. If you don’t ask, they won’t buy. Then your clients will be left wondering what your point was if you didn’t offer to sell them something.
  5. Organize your prospect list. If you are making calls, organize your list so you know whom you’ve called and when. Make notes on the conversation. That way, you can keep track of the frequency of your contact. You don’t want to harass people who are not ready to buy. Indicate on your list who referred the person to you.
  6. Don’t backtrack on an agreement. Once a sale has been closed, don’t suddenly change the terms. If you promised a client an extra sample size of lipstick with a purchase of foundation, you must deliver. If stocks run out, explain so and offer something else instead. No buyer wants to feel like he got shortchanged.
  7. Say “Thank you”. Thank the party host and the guests for their time. Even if they didn’t buy, show your appreciation and ask for referrals. For those who bought, it is a thoughtful gesture to mail a thank you card after the sale. It is unexpected and it will allow you to give your business card to forward to friends they may know.

These tips are guaranteed to help you leave a professional, knowledgeable and engaging impression with your clients. If you leave on a positive note, your clients will buy, do repeat business and refer their friends. And that spells success for you.


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