How To Obtain or Renew a Process Server License

One of the job options that you can check out is process serving. With this position, you will be charged with follow-ups and the implementation of various legal affairs, including wage garnishments, evictions, subpoenas, complaints, and summons. Before you can start working as a process server, however, there are some requirements that you need to undertake, such as obtaining a server license. Some court houses and agencies will settle these licensing procedures for their employees. If you are working for these agencies, all you need to do is to sign your name in the papers provided by the license manager in order to be bonded and licensed. Otherwise, you will need to obtain or renew your process server license yourself, especially if you are working as a freelance process server. Here are the steps.

  1. License application. The first thing that you need to do is to get the license application, which can be downloaded from the license management site. Get it from the appropriate authorities in the Businesswoman printing documentsDCA Licensing Center of your state, or download it from the center’s website. Fill out the form and then file the application. Keep in mind that there are deadlines for these papers, which you should conform to in order not to miss the opportunity to become a process server. Keep in mind that there are different ways of filling up the guide license application form if you own a sole proprietorship or if you are a freelance process server, and if you are a corporation or a firm.
  2. Process server questionnaire. You can actually get process server licenses for your staff as well, if you are operating a company and need a network license. In this case, you will need to download the process server questionnaire from the web or get this from the licensing center. Once you have the questionnaire, get your staff to answer the questionnaires. You may also need to contact the COIB or the Conflict of Interest Board if you are not working as a process server for the state.
  3. Employee roster. The next step is to create an employee database license data or roster that will contain a list of all the employees that are working for you. There are appropriate forms that you should obtain for this, which can also be downloaded from the Internet. Make sure that all of the information provided in the employee roster is accurate. Be sure that you double check the identification and personal information that your employees provide in the roster. A fingerprint copy should also be provided to the local authorities who are in charge of managing the licensing.
  4. Pay the fee. Finally, you will pay for the licensing fee. The fees vary from one state to the other. Apart from this, the date when you submitted the application fee will also determine the price that you pay. For example, those who obtain or renew their process server licenses between an odd year’s September 1 to an even year’s February 28 will need to pay a fee of only $ 85 dollars. On the other hand, from an even year’s September 1 to an odd year’s February 28 will need to pay up to $ 255.

Once you have accomplished all of this, you are ready to act as a licensed process server, and with a server license can provide help in enforcing certain legal procedures ranging from family intervention programs to eviction processes.


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