How To Organize a Desk

Get organized! Take control of your life! You've heard this a number of times. Well, there is some truth in it. No, there is a lot of truth in it. When one is organized, you are better prepared for a great lot of things that happen than when you are not.  

You will save on time, effort, stress... the list is never-ending. Let's take it one step at a time, one step towards a stress-free and ordered life. Let's start with your work desk and get it organized.

  • Clear your desk. Take everything off from your desk.
  • Clean your desk.
  • Keep your phone on the side of the hand that you use more often, and keep a note pad for anything you would like to jot down during telephone conversations or otherwise, points for remembering during calls out, for taking down voice messages before cleaning your answering machine, etc.
  • Now keep your computer at a 90 degree angle away from the light source to avoid glare.
  • Ideally try not to have any personal articles on the desk. If you must, have not more than a couple at the most.
  • Next, organize all the other items from your desk into different bins - current work, completed project details, articles to be recycled, stationery items, personal items etc.
  • As you go through things and sort them, do not spend much time on it and get lost in memories some items bring up. The goal is to get your desk clean.
  • File all the records and documents that need to be archived. File in a way that makes logical sense. Ensure that active ones which will be needed frequently are kept within an arm's length allowing easy access.
  • As far as possible try to keep electronic records - scanned documents etc. These can be stored better and accessed easier and faster.
  • All wires, chargers, etc, which are unsightly and take space on the table, create space elsewhere and move them out of sight.
  • Have a daily, weekly and monthly planner and have it handy on the table.
  • Gather all articles of stationery in one drawer, and ensure they go back into the drawer after use or at the end of the day. Keep only the stationery that you use regularly. All other colored glitter pens etc, please get rid of.
  • Every day set some time aside for paperwork. This should ensure that papers keep being worked on and moving from your desk.
  • Have fresh files and labels ready for the filing you may need to do during the day.
  • Remove everything from your desk you haven't accessed for the last three days - a three day rule.
  • Ensure that the good work of today is not done away with by the end of the day - spend less than 10 minutes every day to organize your desk. Overcome the desire to just ‘keep this here for the time being' and file all documents every day.

For getting organized, there's no better time.

Start today. Start NOW.


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