How To Organize and Track Multiple Changing Tasks

Jobs today are becoming more and more complex. If you are troubled by the changing tasks that are given to you in your line of work, you need a quick and efficient way to track multiple changing tasks. Here’s how.

Chart. One of the basic ways to deal with changing tasks is by creating a work task chart. The task chart can be created using a simple word processor such as Microsoft Word, although you can also use other programs such as Microsoft Excel, which will create spreadsheets for you. In the program, create a table that will have several columns for the date, the type of task, the description of the task, and when you are expected to finish it. You can add other columns such as a column for the type of materials that you will need for the task, or the people that you will need to contact for the task.

Print and use. Once the chart has been created, the next step is to print it. You can print large batches of the chart all at once and place all of the sheets in a folder or in a clip board that you can carry around with you in the office. To use, simply jot down the tasks, the description, and fill in the other details in the chart. Make sure that you do this for every task, since the chart will only be effective if you update the chart.

Google calendar. Another great way to organize your tasks is by using an online calendar such as Google Calendar. Google Calendar is a free web tool that you can use to set your schedule .one of the primary advantages of using Google Calendar as opposed to traditional calendars that you place on your desks is that the Google Calendar will allow you to place as many notes as you want in a single day – without having to run out of paper space.

Sign up. To use Google Calendar, sign up on the website and create your own email which will act as your user ID. You can then create multiple calendars. To use the calendars simply select on the date that you want to fill out. A small pop up box will appear. You can indicate the time by adding in the time in the beginning of the note. Click enter so that the memo will be saved. You can also make more detailed schedules by using the Edit feature.

Creating task list. Another major advantage with Google Calendar is that you can use it to create task lists. Go to the Settings Button and add a Task List on the calendar. You will notice that on the interface, a box will appear on the upper right corner of the web page, where you can list your notes. You can tick the notes as you finish them.

Accessing Google Calendar. You can also open your Google Calendar on mobile phones that allow Internet browsing. You can also save the calendars for offline mode, so that you can go to places without an Internet connection and still carry your calendar with your. This is especially useful if you have tablets such as the iPad or if you have an iPod touch.

Organizing your tasks is easy as long as you have the right tools. Whether you want to stick to the pen and paper method or try out the newer tech-based means of tracking your tasks, managing and getting the job done is possible.


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