How To Overcome a Negative Job Performance Evaluation

It is quite difficult to accept it when you receive a negative job performance evaluation when all the while you were thinking that you are giving your all and doing everything that is expected of you at work.

For some it can mean that their job security is being threatened, for some it can be a wake-up call. A job performance review is a way for your superior to meet and talk with you and let you know how your how your job performance measures against the company’s standard. It gives them the chance to let you know the positives and the negatives in your performance. Negative feedback can be turned into a positive when you look at it objectively. It can help you reassess and reprogram your capabilities to become more productive and effective in the organization, and hopefully, gain more compensation. Here are some tips you can follow to overcome a negative job performance evaluation.

  1. Accept the negative job performance review after you have discussed it with your superior. After a period of feeling miserable and unworthy, take it as a positive impetus to push you in the right direction. When you let your emotions rule your head, your immediate reaction would be to think that you do not belong in the company and should therefore resign. If you take it objectively, then your thinking will be centered on the idea that the company needs you and work on turning the negatives into positives, using those comments as your guide.
  2. Your acceptance alone will earn you additional positive points. It means that you are a mature and a professional individual, and a clear thinker who is able to find positive things among the negatives. You are able to separate the emotional side from the professional side.
  3. Remember that you only received a negative evaluation. You are still with the company. You have not been asked to resign nor given a termination letter. Be thankful of that and work harder to correct the mistakes that you have made which led to your receiving a negative job evaluation. It means that the company was expecting much out of you and you failed to deliver and is giving you the chance to rectify it.
  4. Think of all the positive performances that you have done in the past. With you still remaining with the company means that you are actually doing good and just suffered a minor setback during the current year and not during the whole time of your stay with the company.
  5. Let your superior know that you understand where the company is coming from and make the commitment to improve in those negative areas. Discuss with your superior about what went wrong. Be factual and positive about it. Ask your superior about ways that you can improve, give your own ideas and see how they align with the company’s thrust.
  6. Monitor your progress and have informal talks about it with your superior. A monthly informal review will be ideal. It will give you and your superior the chance to discuss what you have been doing and gauge if you are on the right track.

With the volatile economy it is quite difficult to just quit and look for another good job. That is not the right attitude to display especially when you actually like your current job but just had a minor deviation from your normal job performance. Assess the negative comments and give yourself the chance to prove that it was indeed a temporary setback


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