How To Pass an Unemployment Phone Interview

Unemployment phone interviews are getting popular. Gone are the days when you schedule a visit to the unemployment office and you prep yourself for a face-to-face encounter and assessment with the officer-in-charge. Of course, going through the face-to-face interview isn’t that convenient. Remember the long lines, the waiting hours, and physical exhaustion of undergoing the tedious process? Now that unemployment phone interviews are preferred by a number of states, it would be wise to learn some basic stuff. Here are two practical suggestions on how to successfully pass your unemployment phone interview and eventually receive your unemployment benefits:

1.    Schedule your interview. Yes, you could set up your unemployment phone interview at your utmost convenience. However, you may need to wait for a while. Usually, a date is determined after three weeks from the time you reached the office. So, strategize. Think of the day or date when sitting for unemployment phone interview is a breeze for you. Don’t forget that even after you have submitted on-line all the basic information about yourself, passing the unemployment phone interview would still be a must. So, gear up for it.

Your interview could be calendared earlier if all your required data are in. What are those requirements? Give your social security number. Provide your current complete address. You should also indicate your contact phone number. Make sure that your number is within the state where you are filing for unemployment status. Be prepared to declare the actual amount of your last salary and supply all the pertinent facts related to your previous employer. Be ready to tell where you worked before, what did you do there, who was your immediate supervisor, and how the unemployment office might be able to reach them.

Here is an extra tip. Focus your preparation in handing information about all the work engagements you had in the last one and half years. Include even your temporary work assignments. Your ability to give out those information would vouch for your readiness to meet the basic requirements for getting another job soon.

2.    Anticipate answering tough questions. Obviously, an unemployment phone interview isn’t elementary. For one, the officer-in-charge is tasked to prove that your willingness to find a job again is genuine. He is also obligated to assess your physical readiness in accepting a job anew.

Generally, the tough questions are ones that are personal. They are meant to reveal much about what happened to you before and what have you done to make yourself OK again. What is the trick here? Be honest. Discuss your intentions. Share about real circumstances. But avoid sounding emotional. Be objective and straightforward as much as possible.

The two suggestions above are proven and tested. However, bear in mind that the unemployment office would be the one to call you. It is obviously not the other way around. Make sure your contact number is always open. Of course, you should be there when the call is placed. Otherwise, all your preparation would turn futile.


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