How To Plan a Sick Day

There are times when we need to take a break from the daily grind at the office, if only to restore ourselves physically, mentally and psychologically. Good thing that there are available sick days you could take. If you’re planning to take a sick day, here are some quick tips to help you out:

Research about your office’s policies on sick days. Are you still going to be paid for your sick leave? Most workplaces will only pay for a limited number of sick leaves, and this is for permanent and full-time employees only. If you’re a probationary or part-time employee, you may not be entitled to a paid sick leave. Also take the time to research about the little details of sick leaves in your office; for example, some offices will not pay you during your sick leave if you take it the day after an office holiday.

Find out how many sick leaves you are still entitled to. Most companies will automatically convert your excess vacation leaves into sick leaves, so you might want to take a peek at how many leaves you’ve actually used up. It will also likely depend on how long you’ve been with the company as to how many sick leaves you’re entitled to.

Find out if your sick leaves can be convertible to its cash value if you don’t use them up. Maybe this will give you incentive not to use your sick leaves after all.

Find out the requirements. You may have to present a medical certificate for your sick leave. It will never do to fake this type of certification, so if this is the case then you may just have to use up your sick leaves when you’re really sick. However, many offices will also allow you to present a doctor’s appointment in lieu of a medical certificate – in this case, it’s a good idea to use your sick leave to actually undergo preventative medical care.

Plan when you’ll take your sick leave. If it’s at a short notice, it’s really best that you not take your sick leave on a Monday or a Friday, but during the middle of the week. This is because it might be more suspicious if you take a long break from work, especially if you make a habit of this. On the other hand, it might be better for you if you do take a break right before or right after the weekend, just don’t do this too often.

Cover your bases. Be careful about the photos and blogs you’ll post on the days that you’d have your sick leave. Remember, some HR personnel might just be checking up on your social networking sites and you’d need to have some major explaining to do if they find out that you’ve been partying when you were supposedly sick with the flu.

There you have it! These are just some tips for you to plan a sick day. Remember, it’s really all about refreshing yourself so that you’d be more productive at work. Good luck!


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