How To Plan Birthday Parties at the Office

Parties are always associated with fun, and should be enjoyable and memorable. They are held to celebrate life, success, the beginning of new chapters in life and so many other events. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding anniversary, despedida party or another celebration, a party is one way of bridging gaps between people and groups of people.

Here are some tips on how to plan birthday parties at the office:

  1. Inform close friends. It is best to inform your closest work friends and colleagues when planning to conduct a party at an office. Tell them your plans and ask for their advice. Ask about previous office parties if you haven't been there long enough to attend a few, so that you have a better idea what's considered acceptable and entertaining by your co-workers.  You may politely ask for assistance in case you need help for the party.
  2. Inform the right persons. Since this is a small treat, it is best to celebrate it in your office premises. This is not only for the convenience of all but it also implies that you value their time. In planning a party in the office, you need to inform important persons related to you at work, like your immediate supervisor or head, even if the party is celebrating a personal matter such as a birthday. Informing your manager will let him know that you respect his authority and value his input. This is not necessarily asking permission, but rather advising him of your plans. Ask permission from the Office of Administration since office premises and facilities will be used, like setting up a small sound system or putting any birthday crafts around the office. Inform your office security personnel, since foods and drinks might be brought from outside, and there might be invitees who are not part of your office workforce.
  3. Invite your office mates. In a small party, special invitations may not be needed though with invitations your guest may see the kind of party ambiance and theme that you are planning. You can invite office mates and friends through the company email. This may be the fastest and sincerest invitation you can do. You can also put a simple photo or a piece of themed clip art on your invitation. Introduce yourself, include from what department you ar; then invite the guest with a personalized message. Provide them essential details like the time and date, and appropriate attire if you have a party theme. You may send separate email invitations for your company’s VIPs and officers.
  4. Prepare food. In an informal gathering, delivery of food is the top thing to consider. Call the restaurant or caterer ahead of time to deliver your food and drinks. Ask them whether they can provide you with plates, plastic utensils and so forth. If not, you'd better head to the nearest grocery store and buy them ahead of time. Add food items for at least ten people above the actual number you expect to attend, so that you'll be covered if people bring unexpected guests.

A birthday is always special. It signifies a new beginning. Birthday parties are often celebrated with close friends and family. An office party is always a great way to celebrte a birthday, whether it be a planned or a surprise party, as long as it is celebrated with people whose company you enjoy.


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