How To Practice Business Office Etiquette & Manners

If you want to keep your job for years to come or even hope to rise the ladders of success in a particular company, then maintaining certain decorum and etiquette in the office is crucial. Management will always appreciate an employee that is straight, respectful, and far from being troublesome. Furthermore, your fellow co-workers will love you if you extend the same kind and straight courtesy to them as well. Here are some tips on how to display the encouraged behaviour in the workplace. Remember these well as you will need to practice these day in and day out.

  • Start with respect. “If you want respect, you need to earn it”. This popular line says it all. If you respect each and every person in the workplace, they will extend you the same courtesy as well. Respect both your superiors, co-workers, and the staff beneath you and you will definitely be one of the most liked people in the organization. Now, respect does not only mean that you should talk to each person nicely and accept their opinions as well as their shortcomings. Respecting them includes refraining from the traditional gossiping in the workplace. Remember that if you talk trash behind the people you work with, chances are someone will be talking trash about as well. Hence, it would be better to keep your yap shut when it comes to these delicate matters. In fact, avoid them at all costs.
  • Always remain calm and collected. Working in an office will sometimes expose you to experiences that can get you heated and angry. When these instances happen, it is always a wise move to keep your calm and to never get personal. Business is business and like life, it is not fair. When faced with a heated argument or something that is not right for you, remain reserved and if you have to complain, do it in a calm and respectful manner. Never ever let your vocal chords loose. This can ruin your reputation and can even get you fired.
  • No cussing. While working in the office, it is important to be professional and a little bit formal. Most, if not all, businesses and companies do not tolerate foul language in the workplace. Yes, even if you are simply expressing yourself vocally, it is never right to cuss especially if it is directed to someone in the office. Be professional and talk with dignity at the same time giving the other people in the office dignity as well.
  • Do not abuse company time and resources. Most employees are used to the fact that what management does not know won’t hurt them. For instance, taking an hour off your work time to surf the Internet and online shopping is considered stealing. Using company email and phones for personal use is considered corruption. All these are company resources and should only be used for official purposes. Obviously, you are allowed some room on this policy once in awhile however, if you want to maintain your clean and straight image, do not abuse it.
  • Dress the part. Most offices will stick to a certain dress code. Most of the time, the dress code will be formal to semi-formal. If this is the case in your office, do not show up for work in a shirt and a pair of shorts, wearing sandals. This is definitely in bad taste. Be professional and dress accordingly.
  • Be an example. Showing up to work late, taking a lot of days off, or simply not accomplishing your work is a sign of disrespect and will sooner or later get you fired. Now, if you do the exact opposite and get down to business, you co-workers will see this and follow suit. Most of all, your superiors will see this and think that you are ready for that big promotion. Be an example to give you a sample of what could be.

All these, if practiced on a daily basis in work, can guarantee that you have a job to hold onto for years to come not to mention an increased chance in getting a pay raise or rising the corporate ladder. Practicing these is not that difficult once you get used to it.


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