How To Properly Write a Formal Letter of Resignation

It happens; you find yourself in a position where you have the option of be employed at a different company, and you find there’s just better opportunities for you there than at your current place of employment. Or maybe you’re really just not satisfied with the way things are going for you at your work. Whatever your reasons are, it’s very important that you leave your current job smoothly, and one of the things you should do to ensure this is to properly write a formal letter of resignation. Not only will this speak of your professionalism, you will also make your exit as pleasant and amicable as possible. Remember the saying, don’t burn your bridges? Well, this certainly applies to you at this point. So here are some ways to properly write a formal letter of resignation:

Give it at least 2 weeks before your target date of resignation. It’s really best that you give the prescribed two weeks notice before you officially resign from you job. This is just simply the honorable thing to do, so you won’t leave your immediate supervisor scrambling for your replacement.

Address the letter to your immediate supervisor. If required by the company, you could also give your HR supervisor a copy of the letter. The important thing is that there is a permanent record of your informing of your company your intent to resign. This will help avoid any complications in the future. Make sure that you follow the correct format of a business letter. For instructions on how to write a business letter, click here.

Give your letter a cordial and polite tone. Remember, the key here is professionalism. Even if you do have some not-so-nice things to say about you company, don’t say them. There’s just no point. You should protect your professional image and word your letter so that it’s polite, or at the very least, neutral.

A good technique here is to think of what you want to thank your company for. You could use phrases such as, “I highly appreciate the training and other opportunities for growth that I have received from this company,” or “I am proud to have worked with such a dynamic team.”

Keep you letter short and simple. You may or may not give your reasons; if you choose to do so, you could keep it brief, such as: “I have accepted a position at another company that corresponds better with my professional goals.”

Remember, your goal here is to simply inform your employers that you are about to terminate your employment. The main body of your letter could simply be phrased as such: “This letter is a formal notification of my intent to resign from this company as (your job title). My last day of employment is to be on (date).”

Inform the company of your willingness to assist in the transition. Your last two paragraphs could express your willingness to cooperate towards the transition, and your expression of good wishes towards the company. For example: “I will gladly assist in the turnover of my job responsibilities.” Then, “I will always be grateful for the positive relationships and great leadership in this company, and I wish everybody the best.”

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to properly write a formal letter of resignation. Good luck, and hope this article helped you out!


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