How To Raise Your Visibility at Work

Looking to move up the corporate ladder? Or perhaps you just want your boss to recognize your hard work. Raising your visibility at work will get you noticed and may just lead to more opportunities for you. Here are some tips on how to get noticed by your boss.

Step 1

Ask for more responsibility. If you want to raise your visibility at work, then you need to do things that are going to get your noticed. Ask for more tasks that will showcase your abilities and talents. Show how you have more skills that are underutilized right now. Approach your manager with ideas on how you could help to improve efficiency in your workplace and give simple suggestions. The easier it is for your manager to grant you more responsibility, the more willing he will be to allow you to do so. And when you take on more responsibilities at work, you're definitely going to be more visible by both your bosses and your coworkers.

Step 2

Take on a leadership role. Although you may feel comfortable in your role as a mundane employee, it's time to step up and take on the role of a leader. Show that you have the drive and the organizational skills necessary of a leader, and be the first to volunteer to take control of projects. Join planning committees, attend meetings as a representative and join other teams that you otherwise wouldn't have been involved with in your regular job. You want to expose your knowledge and abilities as a leader in order to raise your visibility. By being a leader, you'll become well known around your work environment.

Step 3

Get to know your boss. A guaranteed method of raising your visibility at work is to spend more time with your boss. The more that you can work and collaborate with your manager, the more you'll be recognized and remembered by him. By building a great relationship with your boss, the more he will begin to see you as an asset to the company. Just ensure that you are not pestering him to get yourself seen. Give good suggestions, bring up valid comments and discuss relevant projects. If all of your increased interactions with your boss are positive, it will raise your profile at work.

Step 4

Show some initiative. If you feel that you have more potential, then step up and do something to showcase it. Ask to be involved in more training sessions that will increase your skills. Take night classes to gain the upper hand against your colleagues. And involve yourself with any opportunity that will teach you new skills and raise your chances of getting noticed. To be visible, you often have to make yourself visible through training and education.

Step 5

Join company groups. Aside from your personal job responsibilities, you can also be noticed by involving yourself in extracurricular activities put on by your employer or social club at work. You will get to know more people and be more visible in the workplace if you join book clubs, food drives, brown bag seminars or even just use the company workout room.  Increase your network by linking yourself to as many people you work with as you can, and you will definitely raise your visibility at work.


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