How To Remain Productive When Stressed

Are you being given more and more responsibilities at work due to company downsizing or budget cuts? Do you feel overwhelmed and become stressed out or feel like you are riddled with anxiety? Then follow these steps on how to remain productive when stressed in the work place.

  1. Rest is the first thing you need to look at in your daily life, without it you cannot function at your job in a full capacity. Being tired causes anxiety and reduces not only physical but mental stamina. A good night’s sleep is key to staying on top of your game and being at peak productivity.
  2. Exercise is often overlooked because of daily responsibilities and seemingly unnecessary tasks that take up all of our time. Making a hole in your personal schedule for at least one hour of physical cardiovascular exercise is essential for your body and mind to become rejuvenated and sharpened to handle your workload.
  3. Personal relationships can be a constant load bearing stressor that will almost bring you to a halt emotionally and physically. If you are having trouble with your spouse, family member or other friends and loved ones, then clear them by confronting the issues to get back to being able to focus on your vocation. Letting things go just builds up negative back pressure that causes undue stress.
  4. Financial obligations should be cleared up rapidly and not ignored. If you are thinking about your bills most of the day and worrying about where the money will come from just to get through the next week or month, then you need to get out of debt as soon as possible. Either live within your financial means or get a better paying career going. This is usually tied to personal relationships as well. Your family should be on board with you when it comes to finances.
  5. Overlooking medical conditions that can damper your physical ability to be productive will result in not only more damage to your body but stress due to pain and causing you to become tired more rapidly. For example, you have knee pain that is causing you to limp and not being able to lift necessary items to complete your task. The more pain you incur the more terse and irritable you will become. This will not only prevent you from being productive but can cause rifts between you and others due to poor judgment when you are in a weakened state.
  6. Alcohol and smoking are major physical deterrents to a healthy lifestyle and should be minimized at all costs. If you are drinking yourself to sleep at night, then you are not getting the real relaxing sleep your body requires. You are passed out and not resting. If you don't want to quit totally, try and only have those couple of drinks on your days off. Cigarettes are a tough habit to kick, but it can be done. Nicotine is a stimulant and causes you to become irritable when you cannot have that next cigarette in a timely fashion. Plus smoking, especially in the evening, will cause insomnia and will even wake you up every couple of hours to address your nicotine urge.
  7. Diet is just as important to all of the above factors as well. Try to drink water ninety percent of the time, as it refreshes the body for better physical agility and flushes unneeded contaminants. Cut out sodas, coffee and any drinks contain over dosing amounts of sugar and or caffeine. Do not eat or drink anything that will stimulate your body after about four PM in the afternoon, so you can get a good night's rest.


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