How To Remember Where You Misplaced Things

Are you the type of person who loses or misplaces things every now and then?  Is your morning rituals include finding the car keys, wallet, a pair of shoes, pens, bills to pay, and so forth? If you are thinking that you are suffering from a memory gap, you are not. Stay composed and withdraw from worrying. Reflect what has transpired last night until this morning and attempt as much as possible to remember every detail. Sooner, you'll be able to find those missing pieces.

If you are tired of the same practice almost every day, here are some useful ideas on how to remember your misplaced things.

  1. Stop looking for it. Oftentimes, our first reaction when something is missing is to poke around hysterically. This action is out of place. Think clearly and listen to your instincts.
  2. Have a methodical and thorough exploration. If you are searching for a book, it must be in the shelves. Explore and take a peek at the book shelves and you might be bowled over. For all you know, all this time, it is just there. If not, try to recollect when and where was the last time you used it and begin searching in that place instead.
  3. Proper frame of mind is of great importance. If you are trying to find a missing object, follow the three C's: comfort, calmness, and confidence.
  4. Relax. You must be looking just right through it. Since your mind is preoccupied about that missing object, you certainly could not recognize that you are already staring at it. If you are trying to search for the car keys and you feel stress about the lost, your mind will unquestionably have a hard time recognizing what you are looking for. So, it is better to slow down and loosen up.

At the end of the day and you can't still find the missing object, stop blaming yourself. Sleep on it and stop thinking about it. When you wake up and you still cannot locate that mislaid piece, it is time to think of a strategy that will help you in organizing your things.

  • Make a checklist or inventory of the things you often or regularly misplaced and designate a special basket or container for these stuffs. For your bags and coats, put some hooks at your closet so you can hang them there. For the books, arrange them on the shelves or put it in your side table.
  • Take into account that when you arrive from work or school, place your belongings to its appropriate areas as directed in your checklist. Do not interchange one item from the other to avoid disorder. Consider the reason why you are allocating appropriate boxes for your things is for easier retrieval the next day.
  • De-clutter.  It is always easy to find a lost object in a clean house. So arrange your things in a manner that it should be and in no time, you will see instant results.


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