How To Remove Felonies from Your Record

If you are a convicted felon and that specific part of your history is plain to see on your record, then you may experience some challenges in getting a job. Yes, employers won’t normally hire an ex-con even if the felony is minor. Technically, if this is your problem, there are ways to get these blemishes off of your record; however, it will really depend on the policies of the state. Some states have enacted ways to help common citizens who have learned from their lesson to expunge their record. If you committed the felony in a state that allows this, then here are some ways to help you clear your record.

  • Adhere to your sentence. The sentence given to you as punishment for your felony should be followed to the letter. This will show the court that you are serious in correcting your mistake which will later be beneficial when you submit a petition for the clearing of your record. If you are ordered to go through rehabilitation, then make sure to take it seriously and use it to truly correct your behavior. If you are sentenced to a set number of hours of community service, then make sure to complete the requirement with no complaints or problems.
  • No more trouble. Once you are free or have completed the prescribed sentence, it would be wise to refrain from making any other kind of mistake that you could put you under the legal microscope again. First time felons that have stayed away from trouble will always have a higher chance to clear their records than felons that consistently commit the same mistakes. On this note, make sure that you stay clear from any type of legal violation or mistake.
  • Get representation. After completing your sentence and staying out of trouble for awhile, try to hire a lawyer to represent you. Depending on that state you are residing in, you can actually either clear your record or if that is not possible, at least seal the records so that no one, aside from the government, will be able to see it. This request can actually be filed during your hearing or after completing your sentence. There may be some requirements that you and your lawyer will need to submit including a petition or request. During your court hearing, before getting convicted, it would be wise to you have your legal representative try to quash the record. Again, a petition will be required here as well. There must be a valid reason for it.
  • Ask for an absolute pardon. Another way to clear your conviction is through the awarding of a pardon. This may be a difficult thing to accomplish but if you really want your record cleared, you will want to find a way to get an absolute pardon. Basically, the process will involve requesting it from the governor of the particular state. There will be certain requirements that you will need to submit in order to be a valid candidate in the eyes of the state. In some cases, a hearing may be scheduled to evaluate your request. If you are lucky enough to get the pardon, then you will now have a blank slate.

If you are successful in getting your criminal record cleared, then you should have smooth sailing to the life of employment. No more discrimination and prejudice.


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