How To Resign in a Professional Manner

At one point or another, you need to decide whether to stay or leave your job. A lot of consideration should be made before you can finally decide whether to resign or not. You need to weigh the pros and cons of what you are about to do and determine whether leaving your job is the right choice for you.

If you think you need to leave your company, you must know how to resign in a professional manner. Doing this can help you leave a good impression on the company. Here are the steps on how to properly resign from work.

  1. Make sure to give appropriate notice period. By definition, a notice period is the length of time stated in your contract where you must work between resigning and leaving from your job. Review your contract and determine the minimum resignation notice period stated. Make sure you follow what is written in your contract. This step is very important if you want to leave a good impression to the company.
  2. Compose a professional resignation letter. A resignation letter is still needed even if you already announced your resignation to your employer. Your resignation letter must include the date your resignation will be effective, your current position and the date of your last day of work. Address your resignation letter to the right person. Remember, your resignation letter must be professional. Create a letter of resignation similar to a business letter.
  3. Personally give your letter of resignation. Your letter should be handed over to the person whom you addressed your resignation letter to. Make sure you deliver it personally. Talk to your employer when you give your letter of resignation. If possible, have an informal talk with your employer. Discuss in a polite matter your intention to leave the company.
  4. Ask for a reference letter from your employer. Don’t wait for a long time before you ask for a reference letter. As time goes by, your employer might forget you and you might find it hard to ask for a letter of recommendation by then.
  5. Process and complete necessary files and payments. Before you leave the company, make sure you finish all the projects given to you. You should also confirm any outstanding payments from the company. This is very important if you want to leave the company with a smooth transition.
  6. Handover company materials, files and other things. Lastly, before you leave the company, make sure you return all company materials and files given to you. Remember that all company properties are documented and listed. If you forgot to return company materials, the company will know this and you don’t want this to happen.

Here are the steps on how to resign from your work professionally. Remember that is very important for you to learn how to do this. If you were not able to resign properly and professionally, you might end up having a bad reputation. This is very crucial as it may affect your future work.


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