How To Schedule Time for Freelance Jobs

In this day and age, more and more jobs are being offered to freelancers, whether for online jobs or with real world companies. Online, clients searching for freelancers are rising. Because of this trend, more and more people want to work as freelancers.

Starting work as a freelancer may sound easy and light compared to a job in a factory or a regular office. But this is not really true. The only difference could be that freelancers have the freedom to dictate what time they will be working and for how long, but they also have deadlines to keep and tons of work to finish.

An important part of being a freelancer is learning how to schedule time for freelance jobs. Since freelancers keep their own time, they are responsible also for making sure that the time they spend on work is sufficient to finish it.

As a guide for all those interested in working freelance, here are some tips on how to schedule time for freelance jobs.

  • List everything. Make a list of all the stuff you need to accomplish. Write down all the work you need to finish and the deadline when you need to submit all of it. Some freelancers record all their deadlines in their head. But writing down all the details of the work and when it is expected will help you plan which work needs to be finished first.
  • Make a schedule. Based on all the work that you need to do, make a schedule for when you will work on the tasks you have to finish. Make sure to include your travel time. Be sure that you were able to allot time for you to finish your projects and submit them on time.
  • Close your door. Don't entertain visitors like your friends and cousins. Although you might be accused of not being friendly, you need to close the door to concentrate on your work.
  • Focus. Going online, watching cable TV, listening to the radio, watching movies - these activities will eat up your time, and you may end up scrambling just to finish the freelance work you took on. Although multi-tasking is the trend, doing your tasks one job at a time will give you greater, more focused results.
  • Organize your desk. You may like keeping your stuff unorganized, but the work-flow becomes faster when all your stuff is organized. Avoid piling stuff on your work desk and having little space for working. Making sure that all your stuff is organized and in its proper place will mean more time for your freelance work, and less time spent searching for that notebook where you wrote all your data.

Putting order in your life and organizing all your work shouldn't put a damper on you as a freelancer. Arranging your schedules and everything else means that you will have more time for yourself and all the stuff you want to do.


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