How To Search for Pharmaceutical Jobs

There are various jobs out there giving you the opportunity to advance your career in the pharmaceutical industry. These are in various fields, such as pharmaceutical sales representative jobs, science jobs, research and development, and the like. The kind of pharmaceutical job you would be looking for would depend on your educational background and qualifications. It is important to carefully determine the kind of job you would be satisfied with, and would be willing to put extra effort to attain. Based on this knowledge, you can start your search accordingly.

Build your Resume
First and foremost, build up your resume. It is important to have an image building resume, as potential employers will have a first impression from this document. Although it is known that an average employer will give your resumes a quick, 10 to 15 second glance before moving onto the next candidate, there is no need to panic here. Start making your resume by avoiding the usual cliches and long-sized paragraphs, since no employer has that much amount of free time to read everything you have done. Its important to include small sized and value-packed sentences in your resume. If all else fails, take help from online resume samples to find some ideas for inspiration.

It is advisable to start your job search in the local newspapers. Glance through the classifieds section and see if anything fits your criteria. Encircle or clip the jobs want to apply for, and then send your resumes to the human resources managers of the companies you are interested in joining. Searching through the local newspaper can prove to be very fruitful since all the major pharmaceutical companies post advertisements on newspapers. The competition might be tough, though, as you would be competing with all other interested applicants in your area.
Online Job Hunt
Secondly, you can apply through the world wide web. Once you start searching, you will find that it is actually a very big employment marketplace out there. Online job sites are helping bridge the gap between the employers and employees, and there are oftentimes no geographic restrictions. This proves to be really advantageous since you would be having access to numerous amounts of websites where employers post advertisements for jobs. Don’t just apply for one job and wait for the response. Instead, blast out your resume directly to hundreds of pharmaceutical companies who are looking to hire people with your skills. The more jobs you apply for, the better chances of you being called in for an interview in any of those firms.


Apart from doing cold-calls to pharmaceutical companies, you can also seek the help of your network of friends, classmates and former colleagues. Some of these might be in management positions in pharmaceutical firms, and the can probably make a recommendation to the hiring manager. As with any application through the classifieds and online, you should still submit your resume with a cover application letter. Having friends recommend you to the hiring manager is only a small factor; it’s really your skills, experience, and character that will help you land a job.

Searching for a job in the pharmaceutical industry involves being able to showcase your skills and talent in your chosen field, and looking in the right places. Whether you are hunting for that perfect job online, through newspapers, or through professional contacts, remember to showcase your skills and talents, so that hiring managers will see you as a capable person, and accept you into their organization.


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