How To Seek Help from a Career Specialist

You want to be able to find work, but not just any work. You want the work that will complement your interests, strengths and abilities. The educational system may provide the framework, but it is the direction given by family members, the influence of peers, the guidance provided by school officials, and sometimes the advice of career experts that are crucial in defining what path in life we are going to take. Career specialists are the ones primarily tasked for this function of providing us with potential career paths from which we can choose.

Career specialists help us to make the right decision when selecting colleges or vocational institutes. They could also help us get accepted to apprenticeships or other job training opportunities.

Times are getting tough and the best scenario for anyone is to get the best job that will complement his strengths and abilities. If there were a career specialist in your school or state, it would be good if you would schedule an appointment with him. If there aren't any, look for career specialists in your area, but of course, they will charge a fee. Here are some suggestions on how to seek help from a career specialist.

  1. Call and schedule an appointment. Don't just drop by and hope that the career specialist will share a few words with you. Be focused on what you need when you schedule the appointment, and inform him of your agenda.
  2. Be prepared with your documents. Bring along your updated CV, academic records, training certificates, and other documentation when you go to your appointment with the career specialist. All those could help the career specialist determine what career or job is available for someone with your qualifications.
  3. Be open. Your visit to the career specialist will be wasted if you are unwilling to answer all the questions or share your capabilities and strengths. Include your weak areas, too. This will help him evaluate which job will be better for you.
  4. Know what you want. You should inform the career specialist which career path you prefer. Granting that you have already made an initial assessment of your capabilities, you should be able to ascertain which jobs are compatible with these. Inform the career specialist of your choices, and ask for recommendations and information regarding companies that have openings for these particular jobs.
  5. Be prepared to listen. You can't claim to know everything. The career specialist may have some insights regarding what career path suits you, and it may not conform to what you have been gearing for. Before getting upset and storming out of the career specialist's office, listen to him first and find out if what he is saying has any merit. It could be that the career path he proposes for you will bring out the strengths that he thinks you have been hiding all along. Of course, he could also be wrong so listen carefully before making any judgments.

Good luck in your search. Have faith in yourself and you will surely find the path to a successful career.


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