How To Select a Qualified Playground Contractor

Playing is part of children's lives. This is how they first learn to interact with other kids. Many psychologists believe that playing is essential in the development of a child's social skills along with their mental and cognitive skills. Having a playground is just as important as giving a child some time to play. This is why you need to make sure that the playground you will construct will protect children while helping them develop.

If you want your children to have fun and enjoy themselves, then you should set-up a playground that will ensure your children's safety. And hiring a qualified playground contractor plays an important role in the installation of a safe playground. Follow these tips on how to select a qualified playground contractor.

1.      Find a playground contractor near your place. Go around and try to ask someone who may know a reputable playground contractor. If you can't find anyone, try searching online. You can find many playground contractors there.

2.      Ask for the contractor's credentials. Once you find someone, ask for important documents that can support his credibility. Documents like state or local licenses, NPSI certification, NPCAI membership, NPCAI qualified contractor certificate, copy of the contractor's liability insurance, automotive, property and worker's compensation and a list of all the contractor's current references. Through these documents, you can easily determine whether a contractor is qualified or not.

3.      Perform a background check. A qualified playground contractor shouldn't be afraid of giving you his current reference list. After asking for this list, contact previous clients of the contractors. Ask the previous clients how the contractor performed his /her job. You should also ask if the client was satisfied with the contractor's performance.

4.      Ask if the contractor can give you a Playground Maintenance Plan. A qualified and reputable playground contractor should be able to give you a sample of his playground maintenance plan. This will show you how the contractor performs his job. A good playground maintenance plan should include evaluation and repair, safety check and cleaning and complete maintenance. These three steps are essential in ensuring the safeness of the playground installation.

5.      Check if the contractor is a member of NPCAI. The International Playground Contractors Association is an organization that adheres to the advancement of playground installation. They promote playground construction as a legal contracting profession within the industry. Its members are all qualified playground contractors.

Visit their website at You will find many qualified playground contractors there. The site also includes a member directory, wherein you will find playground contractors of different types like aquatic playground installers, commercial playground installers and residential playground installers.

6.      Ask the contractor's about his working ethics. Another way to determine if a playground contractor is qualified is by asking him how he would do the job. Aside from the playground maintenance plan, ask about how they will secure the area during installation and if they have a final inspection.

These are some tips you can use when selecting a qualified playground contractor. Remember that the playground you will set-up should not just be safe for your children to play and following these tips will help you do that.


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