How To Select Career and Employment Books

Whether you're new to the job market or you're considering a career change, you shouldn't go into the process of finding employment without doing a little bit of research first. Career and employment books are a great way to learn about jobs you may be interested in. Here are some tips on finding and selecting the perfect career and employment books to help you make a decision about your next job.

Step 1

Choose experienced authors. When you're searching for career and employment books, choose books that are written by qualified authors. Read the bibliography to see if the author has experience in the career, making him qualified to give you advice about the job. Anyone can write a book on careers and employment, so make sure you go with books that are written by professionals who know what they're talking about.

Step 2

Go for up-to-date publications. No job stays the same for very long. There is always something new to be learned about every career and type of employment. So choose publications that are recent and contain current information. Anything written later than 10 years ago will contain information that is no longer relevant and isn't worth your time or money. You want up-to-date information about salaries, statistics and the future of the industry. Check the inside cover for the publication date and choose the most recent career and employment books you can.

Step 3

Opt for advice you can use. There are countless career and employment books out there, but they're not all equally valuable. Some books offer much more practical advice than others, and these are the books you want to choose. The wording in the book needs to make sense to you. Take some time to read the synopsis on the back of the book as well as the first few pages of the chapter to get a feel for how the book is written and what type of advice is offered. If the book doesn't seem like it will be useful to you, choose another one.

Step 4

Consider checking it out of the library first. Before you go off and purchase 10 books on careers and employment, consider checking them out of your local library first. You can save yourself some time and money by reading through the books to see if they're worth investing in. Maybe one read is all you need, so borrowing the book may be a better option for you than buying it. However, if you're planning on using the books on careers and employment that you choose as reference manuals for your next career, it's best to purchase only the best ones after you've had time to read through them. Owning career and employment books also gives you the opportunity to highlight important information and dog-ear your favorite pages. Reading through it before you buy it is a great strategy when selecting books on careers and employment.


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