How To Shine in a Job Interview

An interview is a "formal meeting", in which a person is being evaluated by an interviewer. A job interview is also a "formal meeting" in which you will be asked different types of questions that you are responsible to answer in a correct and formal manner.

These are some ways on how to shine in a job interview:

  • The secret behind the job interview simply depends on how you will answer properly on the interviewer's question and on how you will express your self.
  • Try to research and find anything that will help you know more about the companies you're applying for, before being interviewed try to find articles and other special information that will greatly help you on your interview day.
  • Try to be calm and show what you learn in school by being civilized and answering most of the questions properly.
  • Try to read on what the company is working with, what the company specializes in, and what the company needs in hiring new employees.
  • Remember that employers give serious accommodations to applicants that have a background or experience on positions that they are currently needing people for.
  • Arrive earlier than the call time given, dress properly, initiate the interviewer with a good greet and always provide eye contact with the interviewer. Be interactive, outgoing and enthusiastic. Maintain sincerity on the interest in the people you meet and the work that you will be doing.
  • Show that solving problems and working well under pressure for you is no sweat. Both skills are mostly required in every field of work that you will be facing in your job. Be confident and calm enough to answer the questions that will be thrown to you during the job interview. Nervousness is common in this manner, but overall mannerisms such as nail-biting will show on how stress greatly affects your mind and body. Confidence is one factor that must be maintained during the time that you really need it.
  • Just focus on the question, focus on the interviewer and focus on how you will balance all your emotions and whatsoever that may cause mental breakdown on your part.
  • Before and after entering/leaving the interview hall being polite is a must. Review all the strengths and weaknesses in the letter and point out different qualifications that you think you are strong with. Tackle on specific conversations/discussions that you had with the interviewer to help him/her remember how professional, polished and enthusiastic candidate you are. End the conversation by letting the interviewer know of your sincerity through your interest in the position and your confidence in doing it well.

Keeping in line with most of these suggestions helps you boost your morale. You can greatly impress the interviewer and maybe the company itself. Always remember that "Big things came from, small things" and that will be the greatest challenge you may ever excel and advance in your job for the future.


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