How To Start a New Career as a Wedding Planner

If you love the process of planning a wedding, then a new career as a wedding planner may be perfect for you. Here are some tips to help you begin a career as a wedding planner. Follow these steps and you'll be saying ‘I Do' to your new job in no time.

Step 1

Know what's involved in the job. Before you start a new career as a wedding planner, make sure you know what you're getting into. A wedding planner needs to have a very flexible schedule, as she will need to meet with venues, florists, caterers and other services at all times of the day and night. As a wedding planner, you will also be required to undertake the planning and booking of venues, the minister, flowers, meals and drinks, attire, photography, music and the honeymoon. Any previous experience with these aspects of wedding planning will help prepare you for a new career as a wedding planner.

Step 2

Plan ahead. To secure new clients, you need to show them a wedding planner that is prepared and knowledgeable. Even though you may never have planned a wedding before, you still need to do ample research into the process. Make a list of all the possible needs and desires a bride and groom could want for their wedding. Consider venues, DJs, florists, musicians, dress shops, and so on. It's important to visit and interview these service providers so that you can get a good idea of who you want to use during your new career as a wedding planner.

Once you get more comfortable with what wedding services are provided in your area, combine all of this information into something you can share with couples. A neatly-organized binder is perfect for couples to flip through when deciding on specific services. (Eventually, this binder will turn into a portfolio of your experiences as a wedding planner, containing pictures and thank you notes from satisfied customers. In the meantime, it will simply contain information to help the bride and groom make wedding decisions.) Show the bride and groom that you've done your research and that you know just who to approach for all of their wedding needs.

Step 3

Make use of talent. If you or someone you know has a talent that may be useful for your wedding planning career, don't be afraid to take advantage of this talent. A bride and groom will love to hear that you know someone who can do flowers for less, or that your past experience as a print shop worker makes you the perfect person to complete their invitations for them. Find ways to save the bride and groom money by calling on the skills and talents of those close to you.

Step 4

Make up a business card. When you begin to market your new services as a wedding planner, it's a good idea to have a business card to distribute to people. Visit your local print shop to have several hundred of these made up. Ensure that it looks classy and professional. (People will make decisions about your wedding planning services based on the looks of your card.) You may also want to consider having a pamphlet made up that outlines your services, fees, and experience, which potential customers can take with them. Any type of marketing will help your new career as a wedding planner.

Step 5

Get your name out there. When you're still new in the wedding planning business, you'll want to get as much exposure for your new business as you can. Visit bridal fairs to touch base with the hundreds of brides-to-be in your area. Ask your friends and family to put up posters about your services and spread the word. You will also want to advertise in wedding magazines and your local yellow pages. Having a website will boost your sales too, but all these things come with time and funding.

Remember that any new career will take a little while before it takes off. Be patient, do your best, and your new career as a wedding planner will eventually be the great success you always knew it would be.


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