How To Supervise Peers

The board just promoted you as the manager of the company. You're now in-charge of running the company - from the financial to the production up to its manpower. The toughest task that you'll probably need to handle is to supervise your people considering they were your peers before you got the promotion. If you find it really hard to supervise your peers now that you're a manager to them, here are some ways to help you out:

  1. Pay them what they are worth.  Remember that overpaying your employees is an investment in the person and in the future. Pay them because you want them to prove themselves and pay very well if they have proven themselves already. Give emphasis on the benefits you're giving to them and the importance of their jobs. Being generous with your employees especially with your peers in the area of fringe benefits will surely motivate them to do their job efficiently and effectively.
  2. Make them feel that they are important. Motivate your employees both positively and negatively. Let them get credit for things that they have accomplished directly and openly to their other peers and to the outside world. But as you do this, it is also important to teach them the "we" of the situation. Continuously, motivate them to keep selling the company while at the same time taking credit for their particular accomplishment. At the same time, pointing out their minor shortcomings and urging them to even greater heights is also a good motivation for them to keep doing their job successfully.
  3. Make them think for themselves. Encourage all of your employees at all levels to think for themselves because this goes straight to the bottom line. This needs a lot of your creativity because you'll need to make your employees approach a problem in such a way that they'll believe they made the solutions not you. Provide ideas for them to ponder and ask questions to make their creative juice keep running. These will surely develop their initiative to think for themselves to solve problems right from the very start.   
  4. Separate office life from social life. Socialization within the office is better not done than done. It is quite impossible for you to let your hair down with someone one evening and tries to be completely yourself the next day if you'll have to reprimand, fire or reassign that person. Make it clear to your employees that intimate relationships within a company open an entire range of confidentiality problems to the employees involved and to the company in general.
  5. Lead by example. Who should be the easiest person in the company to work with? The answer is "you." You can be very demanding of your management executives but it's because you are also very demanding of yourself. If you set a 5 pm meeting, as the leader you should arrive 30 minutes in advance. Never ever make them wait for you or say something you can't deliver because if you do, they'll never follow you. So you don't demand from your employees anything that you aren't demanding from yourself.

There you have it - the five ways that can help you supervise your peers efficiently and successfully. You'll have to pay them for what they are worth, make them feel important, let them think for themselves, emphasize an office life and be a leader to them always.  


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