How To Survive a Wrongful Termination

Not all those who are working will probably experience wrongful termination, however, there are some who will experience this. Some will not even know that it is a wrongful termination. A wrongful termination can be described as being terminated from employment when in fact the reason for the termination breaches the contract of employment.

Here are a few tips on how to survive a wrongful termination:

  • You can file for a complaint against your wrongful termination at the Department of Labor. It is your right to fight for your dignity if you feel that the company did you wrong by terminating you. The Department of Labor will usually give you recorded files and information about the types of complaints that are mostly being filed by other people and they will give you the forms that you will need to fill up once you know what type of complaint you will file. Also included when you go to the Department of Labor is the education that they will give you on the kinds of actions done by your employer that excluded the choice of termination, including the behaviors to defend yourself from further misdeeds. The processing for your complaint may take up to 3 to 4 weeks from the day that you complete the files and forms so be prepared to wait.
  • File for unemployment since this is important for your situation and you can also benefit from this filing. When you file for unemployment, you will undergo an interview on why you have been terminated and the prior actions of your employer before you were terminated. You actually have to defend yourself on why you were “wrongfully” terminated by your employer.
  • Search for a lawyer or a legal aid that offer their services for free. You will be able to find those that specialize in areas such as wrongful termination. They will help you fight for your rights without worrying about fees since you are just recently unemployed. Online searching is the easiest and most accessible way to look for a lawyer or a legal aid. Your local government site is also a great site to look for this type of people.
  • If ever you have an attorney on retainer, you have to inform your attorney as soon as possible of what happened and what was done to you. You can list the name of your attorney as your representation on your original complaint to the Department of Labor. You can do this before or after filing your case. Since the Department of Labor will to solve the problem even if you still do not have an attorney, you can opt to look for an attorney later. However, if the case progresses and you have to go to a courtroom, you should have a lawyer with you.

Whatever complaint you decide to file against your previous employer, you have to prepare yourself for the long process or possible early resolution of your case, depending on how your case was judged and arraigned. If you think that your termination was wrongfully done, then you have nothing to fear and you can fight for your right.


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