How To Tell Co-Workers They Smell Badly

The word "hygiene" is derived from the term Hygieia - the Greek goddess of health, sanitation and cleanliness.

Hygiene is associated with the practices that you do in order to prevent infectious diseases. It has various definitions in different fields but the basic idea is to be healthy or have a healthy lifestyle. It is also a science that deals with the promotion and preservation of health and a healthy lifestyle.

Hygiene doesn't only refer to your body; it also refers to the things you do, the things you eat, and your surroundings. It has different forms and practices such as washing your hands, combing your hair, preventing body odor, etc. These are just some of the practices to have a healthy lifestyle. Now, what we are going to discuss is about smelling bad or body odor.

All of us develop body odor. It is a part in the process of puberty. Body odor can be prevented by using deodorants, perfumes colognes, etc. You can buy these at grocery stores, supermarkets, and numerous other places.

These are the steps on how to tell your coworkers that they smell badly yet not hurt their feelings:

  1. First, determine what your status is with him or her - if you are a friend or if they just think of you as a coworker. If he/she thinks of you as a coworker, make friends with them.

  2. If he/she is your friend, consider their temper - if you can tell it to them without him/her getting hurt or not. If not, deepen your relationship with them. Now, if you think you have a deeper relationship, go and tell them about their body odor.

  3. Ask them what the reason is for their problem (bad odor). Some people have body odor because they are obese. A lot of factors may pinpoint the reason.

  4. Give them advice on how to lessen their body odor. Make sure that the advice that you give them is effective.

  5. If they do not believe your advice, tell them positive results of following your advice. Ask them to take a look at references such as magazines, the Internet and advertisements of some products.

It doesn't hurt to be frank and sincere when delivering the bad news to your coworkers, or anybody for that matter. Usually, if a coworker or someone is obese, they tend to build up a stronger odor compared to persons who have a normal physique. To prevent recurring body odor, eat a balanced diet and go to a gym or just simply work-out. These will lessen not only your body odor but also your weight.

Some people acquire their body odor due to the things they do. Those people who work under the heat of the sun will definitely have body odor due to excessive sweat production. Some get their body odor because of the weather and climate of their environment or workplace. If the weather and climate is unreasonably hot, they will produce more sweat than in cold weather or climates. These two situations are certain factors we cannot change so we need to try preventive measures like using deodorants, colognes, etc. If there are things we cannot change or manipulate, start by altering those that are reasonably within your reach.


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