How To Thank Your Boss for a Raise

There have been many articles written on how to ask for raise or promotion but seldom do you find one about thanking the boss for it. Gratitude goes a long way in fostering excellent relationships. However, one must always be conscious of the way he or she shows it. Your boss might think that too much gratitude is brown nosing. However, if you express too little, he might see it as an attitude of indifference.

The follow are ways to show your appreciation:

  1. Say it in person. There is no better way to show gratitude than walking up to superiors and letting them know how much you appreciate their confidence in you. Take the opportunity to thank to him for all the support in the past and give reassurance of keeping up the good work
  2. Treat him like a friend. A show of trust and respect reveals the good character. Ask for advice on how to do the job better. A feeling of contribution to the success of a person always brings a warm feeling inside.
  3. Give due recognition. Give credit to them that deserve it. Use your boss as an example. Replicate his good points. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Praise him in public and sincerely citing specific times and situations of mentoring or assistance.
  4. Recommend him. Help your boss to improve his stature. Recommend him for speaking slots on his area of expertise. Nominate him for social or civic awards. You have to do this discretely to avoid the appearance of being a sycophant.
  5. Gifts. Make sure you exert an effort to find out the appropriateness of a gift. Look for something that He can use daily in the office or in the pursuit of a hobby. People receiving a gift sometimes equate it with personal importance. Gift need not be expensive, just relevant.
  6. Remember important dates. Significant occasions in your boss' life are another opportunity to show appreciation. Just a simple greeting of "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" is enough to let them know that you consider them as persons and not task masters.
  7. Support his efforts. Get involved in his initiatives. Whether it is a business (ex. product marketing ideas, branch expansion etc.) or social agendas (ex. Company picnics, bowling night, etc.) you presence and enthusiasm is a good way to show your approval of his person.
  8. Leave with gratitude. While he may not be happy with your leaving the company, a note of thanks or commendation on your last speech is excellent way to say goodbye without guilt. Do not burn your bridges. Try keep in touch by visiting or calling. A good reference is always an essential part of a job application.

These are the ways you can show your boss some appreciation. While it might play a crucial role on the next appraisal, it goes beyond that point. It cultivates an attitude of gratefulness and good breeding. Being thankful is always welcome in business as well as in society in general.


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