How To Turn an Internship into Full Time Employment

Sometimes you can't go from school to a permanent job. You first need experience to get you noticed by employers, and an internship is just the thing to bridge the gap between school and your career. Take on an internship with the hopes of turning it into full time employment by following these tips.

Step 1

Apply to internships that interest you. Since you have aspirations of turning an internship into full time employment, make sure that you find internships that meet your professional goals. Apply to internships that are in a field you're interested in so that you will want to make the move from an intern to a full time employee within the same company. Decide what areas you want to focus your career on, and look for internships specifically related to those. You'll improve your chances of winning a full time job if you are passionate about your internship and look forward to working with the same company as a full time employee. (Although any internship is good, one at a company you would love to work for full time is even better!)

Step 2

Be professional. As with any job, you want to impress your employer during your internship so that you'll be considered for future employment opportunities. To do this, ensure that you're meeting the basics requirements of the job. Show up on time (or early), dress professionally, and complete all that is asked of you in a timely manner. Avoid getting involved in office gossip, and keep your office email account strictly professional. (Remember that IT has access to your email account. You never know who might be checking up on you). If you seem less like an intern and more like a regular employee, you'll be more likely to win a full time job with the company.

Step 3

Stand out from the crowd. As an intern, you probably won't have the experience needed to make you a candidate for the next full time opportunity. But what you lack in experience, you may just make up for with drive and determination. If you can stand out from other interns or employees by impressing your employer, you'll improve your chances of turning your internship into a permanent job. Offer to take on more responsibilities. Inquire about further training you can take to improve your candidacy. Go beyond what is required of you in the projects you are assigned so that your boss and your colleagues will be impressed. Full time employment may not be far off if you continue to impress your boss with your exceptional work ethic.

Don't give your boss any reason not to keep you on after your internship ends. Showcase your dedication to the company, highlight your skills and experience and do whatever it takes to come across as the only choice for the next full time employment opportunity.


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