How To Understand What a Technical Designer Does

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Technical designers are persons with a technical background and not necessarily programmers. They solve non-programming problems. Technical designers have to be specialists in their chosen industry/sector and should also be familiar with computer applications.

How old is the profession of a technical designer

This is relatively new profession due to the fact that large manufacturing companies that produce a wide range and variety of products outsource their work. Thus, a technical designer as a specialist is hired to interact with various entities engaged by the manufacturing companies to arrive at the desired product.

Responsibilities of a technical designer

The technical designer is responsible for standardizing quality across the range of products, categories and brands. Technical designers participate in knowledge acquisition and knowledge management processes and interacts with design analysts and architects. Technical designers have to interact and collaborate for their companies with entities that have been engaged by them to deliver their products or services.

Who does a technical designer work with

A technical designer can work with different industries from software to fashion to construction, etc. He has to be conversant with information technology or technical advice and administration.

How do I become a technical designer

Many institutes provide courses in technical design. Basic training includes basic computer skills in addition to learning programs dealing with photo editing and graphic designing software. Advanced training includes development of skills in team management, technical documentation, technical review, quality enforcement and other technical operating platforms.

In some training courses, a qualified technical designer is trained to plan and perform assignments with animation and design software. Since the technical designer has to interface and interact with cross-disciplinary teams and different professionals, general and inter-personal skills are required.

Who is a fashion technical designer

A fashion technical designer collaborates between the company and the garment development process and ensures quality of the end products. He also designs specifications or communicates specifications between companies and out sourced business houses. He develops fit, grading, measuring, construction, quality and tolerance standards. A fashion technical designer’s role is that of a technical supervisor in addition to his other responsibilities. The difference between a good fashion technical designer and a great fashion technical designer is one who has excellent knowledge of fashion and textile industry along with great communication skills and knows his technology.

End word for technical designers

Even though this is a relatively new description as well as a profession, high specialization is called for which is both an advantage and disadvantage. Globalization has cleared all borders and companies require a large degree interaction across people with different cultures, technologies, systems and process of working, manufacturing and doing business. Technical designers have become an integral part of companies who require such professionals to interact with local out sourced businesses and ensure completion of their products along with their exacting standards of quality and branding. However, technical designers can become highly specialized and practice in niche areas, limiting their scope of moving across industries.  Deciding which way to go may be easier once you've taken a number of online classes in technical design.


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