How To Understand Your Co-Workers' Work Style and Behavior

Each one is unique and each one is different. There are basically two social settings where you need to interact in your whole lifetime. These settings are the formal school and the workplace. In the workplace, you are required to create harmonious relationships with co-workers in order to become a productive member.

A typical professional or office worker spends around eight to nine hours at the office. With this huge amount of time being clocked in at work, it’s very important to establish a work atmosphere that’s pleasant and as free from conflict as possible. Wouldn’t it be great if you actually enjoy seeing your colleagues and working with them? One of the ways to do this is by understanding them, their work style and their behavior. If you’re looking for ways to do this, here are some steps how: 

  1. Appreciate diversity among different people. Know that as students have different learning styles (for example, some students learn better when they read lessons alone, while some students perform better in groups), so do adult office workers have different work styles and behavior. The first step to understanding your co-workers is to appreciate that nobody needs to follow the exact same ways that you follow when working. Appreciate that diversity usually produce more creative and innovative work than if everybody followed standard procedures. If you’re a boss heading a team, you may want to observe the strengths and weaknesses of each member and delegate specific tasks accordingly.
  2. Spend some time bonding with your co-workers. Though of course you’d like to concentrate on getting your work done, remember that part of your effectivity at work will depend on how much rapport you have with your colleagues. This is especially true if constant coordination and teamwork is a must to get things accomplished. Have you ever heard of the term, “sharpening the saw”? This refers to doing some enjoyable and relaxing activities that will help you recharge and make you more productive at work. One of the ways to sharpen the saw is to just chat and drink coffee with your colleagues. Apart from that it could help you recharge, this will also help you know more about your co-workers and see them in a different light. It’s hard to be annoyed at your colleagues if you know about their kids and their family; you will likely begin to see them not just as people at work in uniforms, but also as actual human beings with unique personalities and experiences.
  3. Take some personality tests. If you are so inclined and if your colleagues agree, you may take some personality tests just for fun so you would get to know each others’ work styles. It doesn’t really have to be strictly scientific, but it could serve as a fun bonding activity as well. Some examples of online personality tests you could take for free could be found at,, and
  4. Be observant. Observing how your co-workers perform doesn’t mean that you should become judgmental or a gossip. Be observant with the goal of learning more about how to best coordinate and work with your colleagues. Do they tend to leave things at the last minute? Are they more effective if they are given detailed instructions about how to do something, or if they are left to do things their own way? By silently observing your co-workers’ work style, you’d be able to adjust the way you work with them.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways you could learn more about your co-workers and understand their work styles. Remember, it might entail some effort from you but having a more peaceful working environment would definitely be worth it for you in the end.


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