How To Use a Balance Board in the Office

A balance board can improve your posture and balance. It is normally used as a board training tool for several board sports. It comes in different sizes and colors. There are round, wide and rectangular and long boards as well. It can be used at home and at work to keep you active and have more fun in the office.

  • Bring a balance board in the office and use it as a footrest. Raising your feet from the floor with a footrest will eliminate the pressure placed on the back of your thighs from prolonged hours just sitting down.
  • While sitting down you can use the balance board to move your feet and lower legs to allow for better circulation as well as lessen the stiffness from your feet and legs and your joints.
  • Use the balance board while you are answering the phone. Not only will you have some fun way to conduct business you also get some needed exercise while in the office. Keeping your balance and improving your posture will be very beneficial for your body so a balance board is a welcome gadget for you to use.
  • If you have a separate room in the office, it is a good chance to practice keeping your balance. How about using your balance board while you use your laptop? It can take some time to practice to maintain your balance while holding your portable computer but it is worth a try.
  • Use your balance board at different times of the day to get your adrenalin pumping. It is quite easy to spend a few minutes on the balance board and relieve your tension. You definitely need it you are working in a stressful environment.
  • Hop onto your balance board while you are devising and formulating business strategies. Being fit and agile will help you focus on your work better with the increased intake of oxygen to your system.
  • Spend your coffee break on your balance board. There are several exercises that you can do with the board. The exercise will give you renewed energy and keep you awake better than coffee can. It is also healthier to exercise than drink coffee.
  • If you like dancing as an exercise a balance board can be a good tool to help you get lighter on your feet. The degree of difficulty in a balance board is dependent on the sliding, pivoting, rolling and tilting degrees of movement features that different types of balance boards have. Use the one that will allow you the right type of movements that may be allowed inside your office. It is an unconventional way to keep fit while in the office but it is a convenient one as it is small and portable. Imagine getting to practice your dancing skills a little bit at a time while still in the office.

Share the fun with your co-workers during break time. Invite some of them in your office and allow them to release some tension by taking turns using your balance board. Encourage them to get one so that you can have some fun and exercise while at work.


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