How To Use a Forming Tool

The forming tool is a specialized instrument used to create a metalwork piece.  It is extremely useful to have a good forming tool with you for any project that involves metal.  In working with this instrument, one should take into consideration the different choices of forming tools and how they can be used for different projects.  The shape and structure of an object is very important to create your masterpiece. 

One must have knowledge on how to use different forming tools.  Some of the metal-forming hand tools are: Hammers and Mallets, Pliers, Seamers&Snips, River Tools and T-Dollies, Slappers and Shot Bags.  These are only few examples that you need to use carefully and properly to avoid accidents.

Let us now find out how to use different forming tools and the importance of having these tools today:

In creating shapes that you want in aluminum, you must use a hammer.  Polished blocking hammers will help reduce signs or marks on metal on its shape.  Make an edge with a straight "T" dollie.  To bend it into a rim, the edge of the dolly should me hammered over it.  Create a rounded line on a sheet of metal project by using a curved "T" dollie. 

Make a smooth finish by using a hammer. Create bends and a small V- shaped cut in the edge in metal by using a sheet metal hand former.  Then place the metal to the machine's jaws, step on to the lever to open the machine.  

  • Sheet metal forming tools:  Sheet metal is simply metal made up of thin and flat pieces.  It is one of the basic forms of metalworking.  Usually, we choose to use our hands for this kind of work, but this is a job for a strong and experienced man who knows how to work with iron. He must be able to use a hammer and have ability to work on a hot surface oven to mold metal to his will. There are many sheet forming tools that are being use to get the desired shape for the pieces of metal that are being use in many types of building applications.  Examples are wheeling machines, air power hammers, shrinker stretchers and bead forming forms.
  • Wheeling machines: It is a well known type of metal forming tool used to form a double rounded line in metal.  These kinds of machines are often used for the curving elements of cars, boats and other complicated machinery. The machine also assures the shape of the metal before forming to its desired shape. 
  • Air power hammers:  This kind of forming metal tool is powerful tool because it can bend even the hardest metal to its desired shape.  This tool also shapes, toughen and smooth the surface of the metal. 
  • Shrinker stretcher:  These machines are use to shrink various types of metal.  In this type of machine, a special adapter is required.  These are only some examples of how helpful forming tools are in our modern times.

Metal forming tools are very important and very useful for any project that needs metal.  For our own safety and satisfaction, let's be wise and educated in using different forming tools.


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