How To Use a Salary Survey to Get a Raise

A salary survey is a survey that is answered by employees to determine the level of payment each position is given. The salary of an employee can greatly influence his performance. A raise is given to those who have shown exceptional performance. In some cases, some people who have performed well are not given credit. A salary survey can help you if you think that you need a raise but you have been denied your request.

Here are some tips on how to use a salary survey to get raise:

  1. Research - If you think you are not getting the salary that you should be getting, you should first do some research. Look over your company's policy regarding promotions or increases in salary. You can research different salary surveys. Salary surveys show salary information and salary scales for different areas in the industry. This will give you an idea on what your salary range should be. In researching the salary survey, be sure to check the location of the survey as the salary data may differ from state to state. These salary surveys may be downloaded for free.
  2. Proof - In order for you to successfully get a raise, you should back yourself up with proof of your exceptional contribution or participation in the company. It is helpful to monitor all your contributions to the company by using a notebook. Gain experience by participating in as much activities as you can for the company. It is best if you provide documents as proof for your contribution. This may include reports and presentations and other supporting information.
  3. Plan - Before going to your boss and asking for a raise, you should first formulate a strategy or a speech that you are going to make. This is crucial as your determination to get a raise may add to your boss' decision. Bring with you all the necessary proof and also a copy of salary surveys for your industry. You are sure to get a raise with the use of supporting documents and the salary survey.
  4. Approach - Once you are ready with everything and you already know what to say to your boss, it is time to approach him with all your supporting documents. Be confident when asking your boss for a raise and be proud of the accomplishments that you made. You can also compare your starting salary with the contributions that you have made to the company. This will influence your boss to give you a raise when he sees the improvement in you since you first started to work for the company.

These are the main steps on how you could get a raise with a salary survey. Before even asking for a raise, you should be confident that you really deserve the raise. In businesses, the length of time that you work for a company is not really important if you do not produce impressive results. Even if you have been working for a company for only a short amount of time, you can ask for a raise as long as you have contributed to the company's success.


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