How To Use Resume Buzz Words

Creating a winning resume that attracts attention, convinces the reader of your worthiness as an applicant and evokes the desire in the reader to interview you is what resume writing is all about. Using resume buzz words may help you do just that. In fact, today you have to use resume buzz words in order to stand a chance because screening applicants and wading through tons of resumes has turned to technology.

Many big companies have computer programs that scan resumes and search them for resume buzz words. If your resume is lacking them, it may never make it to human eyes for further consideration. Using buzz words effectively in your resume can make all the difference to whether or not your resume goes into the stack of those being considered for an interview or those being rejected.

Step 1

The first thing to do is identify buzz words for the resume you are creating. Often you can discover these by reading the job description for the position that needs to be filled. Another place to find resume buzz words is on the company’s web site. Read their mission statement and everything you can find about them. Often you will see that a company repeatedly uses the same buzz words. By using those same words in your resume, you will be seen as a good fit for the company you are applying to. The downside of using company-specific buzz words is the fact that you have to create a new resume for every job you apply for. However, in order to get the absolute best results in your job search, you should be doing that regardless.

Step 2

Resume buzz words are often made up of terms specific to a particular industry and also include acronyms that are used in the industry. Be sure to use them in the correct way and logically. Simply inserting a bunch of buzz words randomly or adding sentences containing the words that do not make sense is a bad ploy. While it may get your resume through the electronic scanning process, the human recruiter will be quick to spot it. If you do make it to an interview, the interviewer will probably ask you to elaborate on some of the key buzz words found in your resume. If you can’t do so, your chances of landing the job have just dropped.

Step 3

Other commonly found buzz words for resumes include:

  • Anything to do with qualifications, such as certifications or a degree.
  • Action or descriptive words that show your skills such as coordinated, managed, team player or supervised.
  • Job descriptions that include the title and department, especially words like supervisor and manager.
  • Big name companies and competitors that you may have worked for
  • Words that are frequently used in business like customer relations, quotas and budget.

Sprinkle buzz words throughout your resume, where appropriate. However, concentrate on using them in the resume objective statement, which is near the beginning for the best impact. Put a good dose of buzz words to use in your resume and set yourself apart from the many others vying for the same job.

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