How To Work as an Independent Contractor

Many have lost their jobs with the recent and very unfortunate economic slump. But while this is the case, there are actually many employment opportunities out there for those who are willing to venture into the less explored territory -- the Internet. An independent contractor enjoys a competitive salary without having to go through the daily rigors of traveling to and from work and interacting with undesirable co-workers. No longer do you need to hope for your boss to acknowledge your hard work enough to give you that much deserved raise. While being an independent contractor has its upsides, there are definitely some points you need to be aware of to make sure that you get the most out of this form of livelihood.

  1. Carefully assess your finances before submitting that resignation letter. The best way to go about being an independent contractor is by getting jobs from the Web. So this essentially means that you'll be scouring the Internet for job postings that are relevant to your skill set. After that, you'll have to gather sufficient samples of your work or at the very least, some good feedback from people who you've already worked with as an independent contractor. This being the case, it might not be a good idea to quit that job without this preparation to avoid getting in a sticky situation due to insufficient funds. Make sure that you have adequate money for you to get by while in the process of establishing your portfolio and reputation as a reliable and professional independent contractor.
  2. Set up a method to get paid online. Online payment systems are your best bet for getting paid as an independent contractor. Make sure that you set one up prior to offering your services to various interested individuals or business entities out there.
  3. Use only one username for all of your online job hunting accounts. This is so parties who are interested in getting your services as an independent contractor will get to find you easily in this vast world of the Internet.
  4. Draw up everything in black and white. Written contracts should be drawn up and signed by you and the party acquiring your expertise. This written contract should include the description of the job you will be performing, when the agreed deadline is, and the amount and mode of payment after the service is delivered.

Visibility is the key to staying afloat in this arena. Constantly advertising and marketing yourself will be your best bet if you want to be successful as an independent contractor. To help you with this, you can either have paid advertisements on various websites, or you can opt to post the services you offer on popular job ad sites.


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