How To Work for Animal Control

You don't always need to be a pet owner to show your love for animals. More often than not, working for Animal Control can very well speak of this fact. Jobs in relation to this can pose a lot of challenges. Aside from this, it can also be a dangerous task. But if you really have that passion for domestic or wild animals, this job can be an exciting one.

The only question here is how to land a job in Animal Control. Just like the usual job hunting process, you need to undergo long hours of job applications and interviews. More than this, you need to be very prepared to assume the tasks on hand. If you have decided to take this career, the following are some guidelines on how you can work for offices dealing with Animal Control:

  • Educational qualification - Before you can get a job in this field, you need to have necessary education background. However, this depends on the position you are applying for. For example, entry-level positions such as trainers require a high school diploma. On the other hand, other positions need a college diploma in marine biology, psychology, animal science, and zoology.
  • Training attendance - Aside from formal educational background, you need to undergo relevant trainings on the position you are applying for. In the United States for example, organizations like Humane Society of the US and National Animal Control Association offer this kind of training.
  • Skill requirement - Given that you have already had the necessary education as well as trainings, you still need to possess certain characteristics to qualify for the job. Some skills needed include problem solving, negotiation, conflict resolution, communication, and the like. More than this, you need to be remarkably healthy, strong, observant, and an animal lover.
  • Work experience - Working in this kind of organization usually does not require a lot of experience. In fact, you can be accepted in a job without prior related work experience. However, it is still a plus factor if you do have a year or two of experience. To gain one, you can volunteer to work for some organizations first.
  • Job application - The process of application can be in a number of ways. You can check out government agencies and private institutions with concentration on animal control. You can either personally apply for the job in their offices or check out their websites. Usually, you just need to send an email application to some jobs posted on their websites. Afterwards, interview and other application process are scheduled.
  • Working process - Once you are hired, you will still undergo some training to help you become more prepared for the job. However, there are some positions that will just allow you to be trained based on your daily work experience.

Having this kind of job is indeed a noble one. With your passion and education in terms of dealing with animals, you will surely step up the ladder of your career here. Always remember that when you wish to land a job in Animal Control, make sure that you are very much prepared to face the challenges of the job.


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