How To Work for Target Corporation

For those who're looking for jobs in the retail marketing segment, jobs at Target Corporation are worth a look! The information provided in this article gives some helpful pointers on how you can work for Target Corporation.

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The company website - has a full section titled "Careers", where you can find extensive information on the different kinds of jobs which are available. You can search for available jobs based on your own specific requirements or choose from the various options provided on the site. A brief description is provided below:
Hourly jobs

Jobs which pay by the hour are available at three different levels: (a) in individual stores; (b) in distribution centers; and (c) in the corporate offices.

In-store jobs include jobs in the following areas:

  1. Customer services - meeting and greeting customers as they walk in and guiding them around the store;
  2. Food and grocery services;
  3. Pricing, logistics and delivery;
  4. Preventing losses, theft and fraud prevention;
  5. Managing the store premises including hygiene and health&safety;
  6. Supervising teams or individual members.

Distribution centers jobs:

  1. Operations, including inventory management, warehouse management, transport and delivery of goods to individual stores, distribution, logistics and packing.
  2. Maintaining health & safety, hygiene and cleanliness in the center.
  3. Administration-related jobs - documentation, invoicing, reports, etc.
  4. Security services
  5. Supervision of personnel working in distribution centers.

Corporate offices jobs:

  1. Administrative support
  2. Sales, marketing, advertising, brand management
  3. Accounting & finance, Financial Services and Target National Bank
  4. IT, logistics & supply chain management
  5. Product sourcing
  6. Property/facilities management
  7. HR, legal and CSR functions

Pharmacy Division

Jobs in the pharmacy services division are separately categorized, as hourly-paying jobs or salaried roles. Positions are open to part-time workers such as students, etc; for newly-graduated workers as well as experienced healthcare professionals.
Salaried jobs

Full-time jobs which pay a monthly salary and other benefits are available for undergraduates, graduates with an MBA, professionals with prior work experience and paid internships.
Applying for a job

There are several resources you can use to find work in Target Corporation, in addition to the usual suspects such as recruitment agencies, job portals and classifieds. You can register your email at the company website to get periodic updates on the different job openings available at various Target locations; get information on on-campus recruitment, job fairs and other similar networking events that the company frequently participates in; check for the latest openings on the website itself and lastly, read through an exhaustive "Resources for Candidates" which is available on the website.

Armed with the above information, you should now be able to get a job and work at Target Corporation, in whatever capacity applicable to you.


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