How To Work for the Best Companies

When you are choosing a career, you may have dreams of success. You want to work for the best companies around, ones that offer great work environments, high pay and a satisfying job. It may sound like an impossible goal, one that is too good to be true and realized by a select few. But don't let your dreams fall short. Follow this guide on how to work for the best companies and you'll be surprised at just how attainable such a dream is.

Step 1

Get a good education. Your journey to work for the best companies starts with a solid education. Complete a post-secondary education in a field related to the best companies you want to work for. If you're undecided, obtain a business or technology degree. Most of the Fortune 500 companies have needs for employees with these skills. You won't even be considered for a job at the best companies without the right training, so make sure you invest in a good education.

Step 2

Volunteer or apprentice. When you're just starting out, you don't have the experience or specific training that many of the best companies require. But that doesn't mean you can't work for the best companies. You can still get your foot in the door at these high-growth, diverse, extremely successful companies by starting at the bottom. Inquire about volunteering for the best companies (in any position available), or aggressively apply for an apprenticeship at one of these companies. Be professional at all times, and show your desire to work for the best companies. Putting in your time will likely pay off in the long run.

Step 3

Have a strong résumé. If you've already got experience that relates to the line of work at one of these best companies, you're further ahead than most. Your résumé may be the only chance you have for consideration of a job at your dream company, so make sure that it's as strong as it can be. Have it professionally written, or at least ensure that it look professional (no errors, smooth formatting, and easy-to-read). You also need to submit a cover letter to these companies, but you will be one of many to do so. Set your résumé and application apart from your competition by making it noticeable. Submit it in CD format, send in a portfolio of your work, or use different textured paper. These small steps will make a huge difference and just might get you a job at one of the best companies around.

Step 4

Be persistent. You will probably not be hired the first time you apply to a successful company. But don't lose hope. Instead, continue to apply and inquire about upcoming positions at the best companies that you are interested in working for. Visit the company website frequently, send your résumé in often stating your interest in any position, and if you can, keep in contact with people who work for the company so that your name becomes familiar. Your persistence and determination to get a job at one of the best companies will contribute to your reputation as a driven employee. And you never know how persistence will pay off.

Step 5

Know the right people. Finally, you may just be able to earn a job at one of the best companies by knowing the right people. It's not always the fairest approach, but it pays off for some. If you're lucky enough to know the right people within a successful company, then you've got an ‘in'. Take advantage of your connections and invest all of your time and effort into getting these people to help you work for the best companies.


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