How To Work Successfully with Multiple Bosses

The globalization of businesses entails drastic restructurings of organizations with the aim of increasing the company's ability to cater to more diversified demands from their customers. With most companies struggling to stay ahead of the curve, employees find themselves enmeshed within a web of complex organizational structure. One trend that is growing in usage today is matrix management. In a matrix organization, employees belong to traditional departments while also being assigned to various project teams. In this set-up, each employee is obliged to deal and answer to multiple bosses.

If you belong to this kind of organization, you should realize that conflicting directives and varying personalities of bosses tend to create problems for employees. This article will show you some tips on how to handle situations like this to remain work productivity and efficiency

Know your bosses. Understanding each of your boss's personalities and management styles is absolutely necessary. This can help you identify your bosses' preferences, allowing you to make more informed decisions about which assignments to prioritize. Getting to know the idiosyncrasies of your bosses allows you to discover the best way to satisfy them with your work.  The easiest way to do this is to observe how your bosses communicate with subordinates.

Learn how to adapt. You should be able to accept the unique characteristics of your bosses. Inevitably, you will tend to gravitate towards bosses who are more lenient and easy-going. As much as possible, avoid comparing and favoring one boss over the rest. Keep your judgment balanced and maintain your professionalism.

Learn to prioritize and organize. With varying deadlines and assignments consistently dropping on your lap, you need to organize and prioritize your tasks. Coordinate with your bosses regarding which tasks are most important. Manage your time and make sure you have a clear deadline for every task. Keeping a task log for each boss can help you draft an effective work plan to guide your daily activities.

Keep your bosses well-informed. The best way to avoid conflicting tasks and schedules is to regularly inform your boss of your progress. Keep in mind that your bosses are not fully aware of the tasks others have given you. Communicate any conflict or difficulty you may encounter. Do not be afraid to speak up. Be candid and realistic when communicating your workload to your bosses.

Manage your bosses. Show your dedication and enthusiasm by asking what your bosses need and how you can contribute. Ask tactical questions and offer solutions to resolve conflicts. Whether the problem is conflicting work schedules or incompatible tasks, educate your boss about your work situation and what they can do to optimize your capacities.

Working with multiple bosses only seems to make working more difficult. The opposite is actually true, as this work set-up gives you good training that can help you advance faster in your career. More than requiring you to perfect your time-management, work-alignment and communication skills, working for multiple bosses also helps direct your career. You learn more skills from a variety of sources helping you to become a more flexible and marketable professional.


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