How To Write a Competency Statement for a Resume

Constructing a competency-based resume allows you to set yourself apart from other applicants.  Studies have shown that applicants who use competency-based resumes increase their chances of obtaining an interview by 30%. Including competency statements in your resume is the best way to present your suitability for the position you are applying for. It allows you to clearly position yourself before the employer by giving you the ability to align your skills and abilities to the company's needs.

Competency statements are concise accounts of situations that portray the applicant's skills, attitudes and achievements relevant to the job being applied for. This article will provide you simple tips on how to put together effective competency statements to help you increase your chances in bagging your desired job.

  • Create a list of your abilities.  Start the process with introspection.  Assess the experiences and trainings you have acquired in your past jobs. Make a comprehensive list of both work-related and behavioral competencies that you possess. This will give you a clear perspective of yourself, providing integrated materials to present in your statements.
  • Take time to understand the job advertisement. Jobs ads possess rich information about what the employer is looking for. Go through the qualifications and skills that the position requires. Be on the lookout for adjectives pertaining to behavior, attitude and work ethic. Take note of these things and consider them in writing your statements.
  • Align your abilities with the demands of the position. Go over the list of your abilities and requirements of the position.  Correlate abilities that answer the employer's demand and present them in brief, direct statements. Try to emphasize some of the most common qualities desired by employers such as having initiative and enthusiasm, a sharp eye for details, leadership skills, communication skills, resilience amidst pressure and the ability to work in a team.
  • Include specific situations and accomplishments.  Make sure that you back up your competency statements with measurable accomplishments. Outline the situation or the problem where you exercised your competencies and indicate details about the outcome. Use strong verbs that imply the direct contribution of your competencies in acquiring the achievement. This is a great way to present your skills and show that you are results-oriented.
  • Proofread your statements carefully. Ensure that there are no mistakes in your competency statements. Check for common errors in spelling, grammar and formatting. Read your statements aloud to ensure that the sentence construction is not awkward and is easily understandable. Your statements should be sincere and professional but not too heavy.

If you are having a hard time identifying your competencies, here are some common labels you can use: results and service orientation, conceptual and analytical thinking, project management, team player, organizational awareness, leadership, presentation and communication skills.

Writing competency statements is like creating a brand for yourself. These statements, as brief as they are, eloquently presents a summary of your over-all quality as an applicant. Do not rush constructing these statements as they can ultimately determine the outcome of your application.


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