How To Write a Cover Letter for a Radiology Job

The field of medicine is one of the strongest of all employment industries today. One of the careers that you can have is work as a radiologist, also known as radiology physician. Whether in pediatrics or geriatrics, and everything else in between, radiology is an important diagnostic procedure for uncovering the underlying illnesses and conditions in people. This is why radiologists are highly sought after. Here’s how you can write a cover letter for your job application.

  • Formatting. First of all, you should think up of a clean and professional format that you will use for the cover letter. The format should include the type of fonts that you will use and how you will present your letter. It should be sleek and smart-looking. Make sure that you write your contact information and address on the upper left corner of the envelope. If you have your own letter head, you may also use it here.
  • Basics. Next, write down the actual greeting portion of your letter. In the greeting portion, you will tell the job manager how you have heard of the job and other introductory information about yourself as a radiology physician. For example, you can include anecdotes that show that you have been working in the field for a long time and that you are highly experienced. Although the resume is the part of the letter that will speak most clearly about your achievements, insinuating that you are competent as early as during the cover letter is also a good exercise.
  • Interest. Next, write down why you are interested particularly in that job opportunity. Obviously, there are a number of job opportunities for radiologists. Of all the job opportunities that radiologists have, you need to explain why you have chosen to apply at that particular hospital or clinic. Your interest will set you apart from the rest of the qualified applicants. It is, of course, possible that you are not particularly interested in the hospital where you sent your application, and that you only want to expand your horizons. Nonetheless, you need to make your letter look interesting.
  • Resume. The most important part of your application letter is your resume. The cover letter is only an introduction that is intended to give the reader an idea of who the job applicant is. The technical qualifications, however, will be answered by the resume. Make sure that you print your resume using crisp white or cream colored paper, and that you use clean formatting and a good font. Make sure that you have spell-checked and grammar-proofed your resume.
  • Follow up.After you have sent your cover letter and resume, make sure that you follow up the application with a phone call or a visit to the office. Just because the clinic did not respond to your application doesn’t mean that they have forgotten you. Sometimes, by following up you will be able to remind the clinic that they need to get back to you.

With these steps, you should be able to write a cover letter for your job application as a radiology physician.


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