How To Write a Good Objective Sentence for a Resume

Good objective sentences can make or break your resume. It is the extreme expression of what the employer is looking for. This statement is the powerful and to the point expression that you understand the requirements of the work. This sentence must implicate that you can bring about added value to their company. It is a must that the objective sentence must relate to the position you show interest to and somehow convince the employer to continue reading your resume.

How can you write a good objective sentence for your resume? Here are some steps to do so:

  • Before writing anything, research on the company you are applying for, you might stumble upon information that can help in making a good objective sentence for your resume.
  • It is best to start your resume objective sentence with what you are looking for. Use phrases like “To find employment in media industry,” “To be employed as a writer,” or “to extend my career as a writer”.
  • Put in what you have to offer for the position you are interested in, put in what you think you can give to the company. Use phrases like “wherein I can make use of my creativity and skills in writing,” “where my broad experience in creative writing,” or “in which my ability to create outstanding articles and meet deadlines.”
  • Remember that in writing all the steps in step 1 and step 2, never use personal pronouns like I, my, mine, we, ours, etc.
  • In ending your objective sentence, end it with how your skills will be of value to improve their business, end it with how what you have to offer their company can help further grow their company. Use phrases like “will add to your company’s efficiency”.
  • Lastly Place your objective sentence under your personal information (name and address) at the top of your resume.

And here are some things you should NOT do:

  • Do not create a job objective that even your friend or you will be bored in reading it. If you yourself are bored reading it, so will be the employers.
  • Do not make use of job titles.
  • Do not use paper or folded brochures of your resume that are colored.
  • Do not make use of the same job objective on every job you will apply to. Modify your job objectives to suit the job you are applying for.

Writing a good job objective sentence is never a simple task, the most efficient way to write a good objective sentence is to write over and over again with many revisions. It would also be of help to have an experienced person to read your resume and say what he thinks about it. At the end, it’s not always on what you have done or achieved that gets you hired, sometimes it’s simply on how you present yourself that the employer will gain interest and faith on you, and what you say you can do for their company.


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