How To Write a Good Resume

A resume or curriculum vitae is the best way to present yourself to your potential employer. A resume could either give you a job or reduce your chance of getting jobs. Most companies are very professional when it comes to resumes. Thus, more and more applicants are not given the opportunity to be called for interviews. How do you create a resume that has an impact? Here are the elements that make a good resume:

  1. Good introduction. Your prospective employer will only give forty seconds to read your resume. Make sure that your introduction is a head turner but very realistic. Your introduction should include your objective. Your objective will help your employer to know what job you are seeking. The employer will determine whether you want to apply in the field of career services, sales or writing. You should also remember that your beginning should make your employer read your resume. He should be more interested on your resume as he finishes the introduction.
  2. Concise body. Conciseness is the main rule in writing the body of your resume. Do not overly elaborate your achievements. Remember that employers are reading tons of resumes every day thus yours should contain the most relevant information such as your skills and talents that are related to the job you are applying for. Do not include information that will make the employer throw your resume. Make sure that the employer will call you for an interviewee as he reads your resume. Always remember that your resume should identify the tasks that you can do for their company and not the enumeration of the tasks that can advance your personal life. Keywords are also important in writing a resume. Your resume should include keywords pertaining to your work. For instance, if you are applying for a writing job, you may use the following keywords: writers, writing services. On the other hand, you may also use the following keywords: executive, executive assistant, manager.
  3. List of references. The last paragraph of your resume should include a statement saying that you are willing to undergo an interview. For your last paragraph, you may also include some references. Do not forget to write their contact numbers as well.

Here are other considerations in making an executive resume:

  1. Make your employer think that you know about the business you are applying for. You may do this by including jargon that are related to their business. Do not write a resume with so much jargon that the employer will find it hard to understand what you are trying to say. Conversely, if you are going to use an acronym that is not so familiar, spell it out.
  2. You may also use software from the Internet to check your resume for grammar errors.
  3. Post your resume on online database. These sites will help you get connected to more employers. Nowadays, the search for employers is done through the Internet.

Marketing yourself is indeed easy by following the above mentioned tips. You have now the bullets to employment! Write your resume and take an edge with these tips about resume writing.


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