How To Write a Job Self-Evaluation

Evaluation form

It’s not easy to write about your own accomplishments and success. Some people might misinterpret you as a braggadocio. But you will reap a lot of rewards if you devote time in writing your self-evaluation. You may get training classes, promotion, and performance bonuses. Below are tips on how to write an employee self evaluation effectively.

  • Read your company handbook and learn evaluation details. If you don’t have one, you can get your employee handbook on the Human Resources Department (HRD). It’s vital to understand the company’s procedure on evaluation, and its cycle/timeline for evaluations. There are companies that do annual performance appraisals, while some companies conduct bi-annual or quarterly evaluation/counseling sessions.
Monitor your company’s cycle. Identify if evaluation starts as you begin your work, or does it take place every yearend. In evaluation preparation, the supervisor or HR representative will give you a self-evaluation form in advance.
  • Be sincere in answering your job self-evaluation. You will impress your supervisor if you thoughtfully prepared for your self-evaluation. Your supervisor or head will think that you are sincere in your job because you respect the evaluation process of the company. Having your superior understand that you can do your responsibilities and duties is important so you can be promoted and achieve other company benefits.
  • List your accomplishments. Maintain a journal so you can track your goals, successes, and mistakes as well, because you don’t want to forget some of them. Write down dates of possible seminars and workshops in the future. If your company doesn’t send you this term, perhaps there will be funds for professional development classes next year.
  • Answer all the questions in the evaluation carefully. Generally, the evaluation has three categories.
    • What do you want to achieve during your rating period?
    • What are your accomplishments during your rating period?
    • What do you think you’ll accomplish in your next period?
List your current achievements and expectations for the next period.
  • Lead the discussion if you discuss with your superior. This is your evaluation period so state your accomplishments to your supervisor. Let him feel that you are valuable to the company because of your skills, and attitude.
  • Ask your supervisor about your performance. Ask him to suggest things and ideas to help you boost your performance.

Remember to be upbeat and positive during your evaluation period. Be confident regarding your abilities but don’t be cocky or obnoxious.

You can praise yourself if you feel that you worked hard enough and you helped the company. You can ask your employer if you can be recommended for an advancement and retention. If you think you’re qualified for a bonus, then go ahead and ask your employer.

Begin each statement with appropriate action verbs. Use words like created, produced, wrote, delivered, identified, and coached among others. Again, review your answers before passing it. If you love your job and you do all your best for the welfare of your company, then it’s certain that you will pass any evaluation tests.


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