How To Write a Job Transfer Request

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Whether you are bored in your current position or looking to stretch your skills, a job transfer within your company is often the first place to look for opportunity. Many companies have job boards and specific guidelines for applying for openings in other departments. If your company does not have specific guidelines, or if they require a job transfer request letter, then follow the steps below to make the right impression in writing your job transfer request.

Step 1

Know what you have to offer. In requesting a job transfer, you should focus on what you bring to the desired position. Knowing you are bored or just looking for a change will not inspire a company to feel secure moving you. If you have skills that are not being used in your current position but could be put to better use in another role, let the employer know.

Step 2

Acknowledge what the company needs first. The first priority beyond the greeting of the letter is to show that you know what the company needs and how you can fulfill those needs. The employer's needs may be found by looking at the company job board for open positions or speaking to the human resources department. If you have a friend in the department you are interested in joining, ask him or her to let you know if anything becomes available.

Step 3

Be honest about your reason. There are several reasons you may be seeking a job transfer. You may need to relocate to another state because your spouse has been transferred by their employer, or you may be seeking to be closer to family. The request for a transfer will not always be that you want additional opportunity with the company. Be up-front with your reasoning, but make sure you address this only after addressing the company's needs.

Step 4

Present a clear and concise case. Know what you want and be clear in presenting your case. If all you know is that you want to relocate to Arizona, you are not ready to write a job transfer request. Be specific and outline what you are looking for, how it benefits the employer and why you are looking to transfer.

Step 5

End with a respectful request. Remember that you are making a request, not a demand. Be willing to compromise, especially if you are limited to a specific geographic area or job function. Show respect to your employer by letting them know you value the company and expressing why you want to stay with them.

Step 6

Be open with your current management. Discuss the request with your current manager or department head before you send the request. Show that you respect their opinions and value them by letting them know your goals. You want your current manager to be your advocate, not your detriment.


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